Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Demented School Master is Back!

All 3 of us woke up Saturday morning a bit logy from our evening before. Shelley had woken up at 5 o'clock in the morning and Brian was reading. It was one of those nights. Poor Fredi played hard with her new friend Nick all the previous evening so she too could hardly bring herself to move from the bed to the couch for another nap. We spent the day resting up because we were going to a Birthday Party/Dance Show/Dinner at the California Kitchen that evening. There were lots of people there that we knew and we all ended up singing happy birthday to the lady who had invited us. A dance school put on a demonstration at the end of the evening and the young people in the troupe really gave it their all. We ended up walking a friend home in the cool night air and twice in a row went to bed way after bed time.

It was hard to tell if we needed a sweater or not for our walk downtown Sunday morning. Ultimately we went without the sweater and all was well. First off, we picked up Brian's roast pig because we were expecting to meet someone in the park and Brian was concerned if we had to double back to the market it would cut into his nap time. At the park we met the couple, plus another couple, plus another couple plus six other people, so it turned out to be a bit of a crowd. We caught a cab home because the #7 bus wasn't running as they were having yet another protest parade down Doce de Abril. Once again however, we managed to have a nice Sunday outing.

Monday we went shopping. Tuesday we did the rounds, paid the bills & picked up 5 pounds of coffee. The other day when we'd gone to the California Kitchen, Brian had tried on the suit he had brought with him from Canada. It didn't fit anymore. Apparently, although he's actually lost weight since leaving Canada, the weight left behind had re-distributed itself. In any case, while dropping in at the various places to pay our bills, we also stopped to see how much it would cost to have a blazer and a pair of dress pants custom made for him. The tailor sized Brian up and advised it would be around $160 for both items. We didn't order anything yet, but the price sure seems right. When we got home Shelley made Seafood Chowder using a seafood medley package we'd purchased at Jo.Mar's.

The other day we were talking to a couple fairly new to Ecuador and they commented that they might get a puppy because they missed their children so much. Shelley cautioned the woman about realities such as a dog would restrict their travelling and also require several walks a day. The woman turned to Shelley and quipped, "What? You want me to think more about getting a dog than I did when I got pregnant?" She was joking of course and we all laughed. Shelley explained to the woman that she really missed her children too for the first year and then that particular homesickness began to fade. She went on to explain the home sickness started to abate when she realized she was missing her "perfect" children. Don't misunderstand. We love our kids more than life itself but they get mad at us & ignore us & are less than complimentary from time to time. Our "perfect" children are always sweet, loving & gentle with our feelings and these are the kids we keep precious in our minds. We'll have to see if these people ultimately get a dog. We know we sure enjoy Fredi in our lives and compromise & dote for the sake of that furry little beast without hardly a thought. Come to think of it, we did exactly the same when our children were little and compliant also. Two other mothers we met recently had their adult children visiting. "She looks radiant!" Brian said, commenting on one of them, and she did; happy to be the centre of her kids' lives if only for a few days. One doesn't forget their "perfect" children and we revel & live for the moments when they come.

SuperMaxi couldn't supply Sherry for our Christmas fruit cake so on Wednesday we went on a bit of search for it. We ultimately got a bottle at the Taxi liquor store not too far away from where we live. We now have all the ingredients to make our Christmas cake and only have to wait until mid-October to make it. Wednesday afternoon while Brian was having his nap, Shelley sat down at the computer and she realized the demented school master was back practicing his rant for the first day of school. She hadn't even noticed he was away for 2 months. That afternoon/evening Brian went to yet another cooking class; this time vegetables. Shelley & Fredi saw him off and Shelley went to the computer to fuss with this and that and Fredi went to the couch top to lay her little chin on the sofa and mourn for the return of Brian. At the class it was all about vegetables with terrific recipes involving portobello mushrooms, asparagus salad, spinach with raisins & pine nuts and believe it or not a garlic custard. As unlikely as it sounds the garlic custard would go well with steak or sea food or lamb or a variety of other dishes. The favourite was potatoe latkes which seemed to touch a responsive cord in everyone. As usual a little too much wine led to a healthy camaraderie and fun was had by all.


  1. I always get hungry when I read your blog! As for the puppy, it's on again, off again. We're waiting for a ten-day consensus. My mom thinks we're crazy. But then again that's what she said when she had us!

  2. Shelley, Great to see you are in the swing of things again. Brian, garlic and custard!? I like garlic and I enjoy custard, but together!? That's one you will have to prepare for me when I return.