Sunday, September 12, 2010


The day dawned bright and sunny on Wednesday; we were somewhat thrilled!  It was gorgeous outside and we decided we needed to do something.  With nothing in particular planned, we leashed up Fredi and took a walk to the Feria Libre market, Wednesday being it's "largest" day.  All was organized chaos as usual.  We wandered around for 45 minutes or so, looking at the clothes & the fruit & the fish & seafood & the puppies & the rabbits & shoes & cooking utensils & rugs & hats & roast pig & chicken until the energy of the place thoroughly exhausted us, and then we walked home again, all the while reveling in the sunshine. 

Brian had his fitting for his new outfit on Thursday, so we got up in the morning, did our chores & set off downtown.  The tailor at "Gentleman" (Sucre 10-74) and Brian had a few discussions about cuffs on the pants (Shelley said no) and the fit of the jacket.  In the end everybody was happy.  He's to pick up the new jacket and pants in just a little over a week.  Then we headed off to get Brian a haircut.  Shelley & Fredi & the owner's husband sat and discussed Fredi's statistics in pigeon English & Spanish while Brian got his unruly mop taken care of.  After that we stopped at an artisans' mall to wander about a bit.  It didn't take much to find exactly what we were looking for.   That evening we'd arranged to meet 2 couples at Mangiere's for dinner.  We've now been to Mangiere's 3 times and all 3 times the pasta has been just wonderful.  It was a nice evening with a diverse group of people, good stories & a couple of decent laughs. 

Well, Fredi's gotten us into trouble again!  Shelley noticed that a fellow Ecuadorian blog writer had taken us off their blog list.  After pointing it out to Brian, Brian suggested she write and ask why.  "It may just be a mistake" he told her.  As the blog writer did not have an e-mail address displayed on their blog, Shelley had to go through some convolutions in order to contact them.  Eventually she managed to do so through FaceBook.  In any case, the bottom line was apparently we're too devoted and spend too much time writing about Fredi and taking her to events.  They said that they were aware we'd take their comments personally, so there wasn't much room for misunderstanding.  Best to know these things rather than to hide behind a patina of politeness and we actually appreciated the blunt honesty.  We have consolation:  Fredi likes & accepts us for what we are! 

It was time once again to make an outing to the CB Carolina Bookstore.  Lee was manning the desk as Carol was at home trying to get well and their staff was out at the bank trying to get some of that illusive Ecuadorian change.  As usual, the door was opening every 4 minutes as new people came in to browse and old-timers came in to see what was happening, chat with Lee & pick up a few books as well.  A group showed up for their Spanish classes & poor beleaguered Lee explained they would have to wait until the staff returned.  Shelley perused the shelves and picked out our usual 10 books and Lee & Brian caught up on gossip and chattered with the folks going in and out.  Before we left in the morning, we'd phoned a friend and suggested we'd drop over after leaving the book store.  This we eventually did and had a good gab session & a nice glass of iced tea before we all set out for a local almuerzo (lunch).  For $1.50 we had a lovely flavourful soup, a nothing special but wet juice, rice, boiled potatoes, gravy and sliced tongue.  We learned that the term "seco" means "stew" on an almuerzo menu.  Also "plancha" means the meat is grilled. 

Coming on for awhile, the black dog finally descended and Shelley withdrew to deal with it for the time being.  Brian is assuming our social obligations in the interim. 

We'd made arrangements to meet a woman relatively new to Ecuador at the Good Affinity restaurant for lunch.  She'd sent us an e-mail asking about Veterinarians & Dentists in Cuenca that spoke English and we'd provided what information we could.  In the early morning on Saturday we did our chores & took Fredi for a walk and around noon Brian headed off to Good Affinity to have lunch.  When he got home Brian said "I don't know why we haven't eaten there before!"  We had heard good reviews about Good Affinity numerous times over the last couple of years, but for one reason and another had never actually gone there.  Brian had a delicious vegetable soup and a spaghetti dish with tofu & egg in a red sauce which he declared to be excellent.  All the ingredients tasted very very fresh and cost, including lemonade, was $3.  We'll definitely be back.  The woman seemed happy to share her experiences thus far in Ecuador and Brian was able to pass along some local tidbits. 


  1. You can never love a dog too much.

  2. We love your blog and are very appreciative that you generously share your life experiences. Fredi is like the ambassadress for canine expats.

  3. Dearest Fredi,

    Apparently, some of your readers have mistaken this blog as a day to day account of Brian and Shelley’s life in Cuenca. While I appreciate you allowing them to pass along GREAT information about living in Cuenca and Ecuador in general, I am without doubt that this wonderful blog is for the most part about you! My cat “Danger” and I anxiously look forward to reading about your exploits (even when they are nothing more than your naps waiting for Brian to return from his cooking classes). You’re very thoughtful in allowing Shelley and Brian to add totally silly things they do with their days, and I’m certain your readers are not really that interested in the costs of moving to and living in Ecuador that they frequently provide. I’m sure Shelley and Brian believe that sharing the information about how wonderful Ecuador is to live in is quite important to most of your readers. Let’s just make them feel important and continue to allow them the space on your blog to be informative to those of us who long for every bit of information we can get in hopes that one day we can meet you in person/dog. The information about great restaurants medical costs, transportation around town and around the country, the amenities available in Cuenca, the other expats they meet, etc. mostly bore us to tears, but just between you and I , it is the price you have to pay when you keep up such an entertaining blog and don’t have the convenience of opposing thumbs!

    Please continue to let them post on your blog, as it was not as interesting before you came into the picture…

    (Brian and Shelley, I’m not a “dog” person, but the blog wouldn’t be the same without the musings of Fredi’s adventures. I hope you realize this comment is strictly tongue in cheek and continue to keep us well posted about Fredi!)

    Regards…..FOF (Friends of Fredi)

    Steve and Danger (the cat)