Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Power of Advertising

An invitation to a house warming party had been given to us for Friday evening. Shelley begged off because of her teeth (Friday she was still eating only soup) but Brian accepted the invitation. Thus, in the morning we set off to find a small gift for our friend. Ultimately we chose a garden gnome for her balcony. "A lot of people don't know they need a garden gnome" Shelley explained to Brian.

Shelley's teeth were doing really well. She's not taking any pain medication and figures she'll be able to eat a soft bread sandwich by Saturday. "It's not the eating part" she told Brian. "It's the cleaning my teeth around the stitches part afterward. I'd sure hate to pull a stitch!"

Upon arriving home after the party Brian reported, "I have a snoot full!"

Actually, he had a wonderful time and saw our friend's new apartment in the downtown centro area. He raved about the layout and it's roof top patio that he knew Shelley would absolutely love. Wine was drunk, foot was eaten and good times were definitely had. Brian advised that our friend really appreciated her house warming gift. He got home quite late and Fredi was somewhat frantic for her walk. The walk lasted a little longer than normal because Brian felt the need to get some fresh air. Shelley was indulgent.

After a couple of days of sun, Saturday was back to coolish damp weather. We walked up to SuperMaxi and Brian & Fredi sat outside while Shelley went inside and bought some yogurt for her soft food diet. We wore sweaters and the sidewalk was wet but it wasn't raining and it really was a refreshing walk about out in the cool air.

Some new blog friends had brought us currants from the United States and we arranged to meet them in the park on Sunday. Also there was a friend of ours plus another couple we've been trying to meet for a couple of weeks now. Five of us ended up going to lunch at Raymipampa and we got to know each other a bit better, told some stories about ourselves and most of us ended up having a hearty fish plate for lunch. It was late enough in the afternoon by the time we were finished that Brian was somewhat anxious about having time for his afternoon nap; thus we didn't go and get roast pig but instead caught a cab straight home.

Monday we went shopping and although it's a month and a half too early, Shelley managed to buy everything she needed (with only a few subtle substitutes) to make Christmas fruit cake in October. She decided mora jam (black berry) would substitute for black currant. Brian made a face and groaned. After the cake is made, we wrap it up tight, unwrapping it from time to time to soak it in sherry and then bundle it up again to be stored in a dark dry place. By Christmas it's a thing of wonderment! We shopped early in case we couldn't get everything we needed and would have to search high & low for various products. Fortunately, this isn't going to be necessary. (Note: Our currants came from the U.S.).

Tuesday Shelley went to the dentist and got her stitches removed. All's well. She has to go back in a month for a check up. After that for a year, she has to get her teeth cleaned every 3 months and then after that back to the 6 month schedule. Later in the day she made a pineapple upside down cake as we're having company for dinner on Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon Brian went to yet another cooking class; this time Tex Mex. Growing up in British Columbia, Canada and the nearest Mexican, or Texan for that matter, being 2000 miles away, this was cuisine that was new to Brian. He came home raving about the shrimp with margarita mayonnaise and also said that the stuffed jalapenos and the chicken enchiladas were absolutely delicious! When he was a child there was a corner store in his small town on Vancouver Island that had, of all things...tamales. So, he was delighted when Leslie prepared tamale pie. The social part of the evening included a lot of discussion about adjustments to living in a new country and all were agreed that Ecuador has exceeded their expectations.

For the first several years living on the boat we didn't have television. When finally we got a satellite dish, Shelley found she had this irresistible urge to go out and buy a Swiffer; the power of advertising. These days all the commercials we see are in Spanish and we usually mute the television when commercials come on in any case. Despite the fact of the muting & Spanish, we still seem to be affected by the visions crossing in front of our eyes. Shelley was quite excited when SuperMaxi finally got a wonder cleaning product as advertised on TV. We do find, however, there are more fantasy products advertised than we used to see in Canada. A formula that will cure baldness, impotence, depression, help with weight loss and give more energy. Shoes that will carve your figure into enviable proportions. Various machines to trim your body with little or no effort. We see lots of banking institution & credit card ads. Coca Cola and Pepsi seem to be absent. After not watching TV for several years on the boat, when we did get our satellite dish we were somewhat shocked by the blatancy of some of the commercials and TV shows then produced. It didn't take us long then to get accustomed to our new advertising reality and the same has now happened to us here in Ecuador.


  1. Shelly, so glad to hear you are recovering nicely from your surgery! Hope you are well enough to much to your hearts content soon!

  2. Shelly, too bad I cant spell.. I meant MUNCH to your hearts content!