Friday, July 16, 2010

Food, More Food and Yet...More Food

We had our usual day on Monday, except more cooking. We shopped and then Shelley made Manicotti and after that was done, Brian cooked a complete chicken dinner. We TV dinnered up the chicken etc. and froze the manicotti in one person not on a diet and one person on a diet sizes. This should keep us going for a week or more. Shelley knew she was going to gain weight eating 3 meals a day while on holiday but she did it anyway - what the heck!

Travelling through the Andes mountains on the bus during our vacation, Shelley pondered to Brian that the Andes were older than the Rocky mountains because they're rounded on the peaks and not pointed (erosion). Brian thought the difference was probably to do with the Rockies being more northern and nothing grows above a certain height because of the cold, whereas the Andes where we are, are covered with growth. According to Wikipedia the Rockies were formed about 76 million years ago in the Cretaceous period whereas tells us the Andes were formed only 25 million years ago. Go figure! That put to bed Shelley's theory.

Back to the "old grind" we ventured downtown on Tuesday to go to the Post Office to mail some cards and pick up some roast pig for Brian as we'd been unable to do that on Sunday. The weather was beautiful, which we greatly appreciated after being in Vilcabamba. There have been a couple of giant thunder storms since we got back but always in the late afternoon. That evening we went to Bertuchis with some friends and enjoyed Italian food and good company. Three of us shared a vegetarian pizza and Brian had a seafood pasta. The other couple shared a combination brownie, ice cream and tiramisu dessert; it looked delicious! We caught up with each others news and all in all had a very good night.

Fredi had an appointment with the Vet on Wednesday for a booster of parasite medicine. Fredi says "Yuck!" We got her nails clipped at the same time and bought vitamins, flea & tic medicine & dog toothpaste. The entire bill including vet services & bought items was $20. We had made arrangements to meet some people at the Las Monjas Restaurant downtown for dinner, so spent the rest of the day talking with friends on Skype and reading. As it turned out, the time we had arranged to meet at the restaurant was half an hour before it was open (6:30). In the end we went to the Meditarraneo and once again enjoyed pasta & pizza and good company.

For those that have been reading the blog for a long time, you may remember that we've had a hole in our kitchen ceiling since we moved in. This hole was finally repaired several months ago but the finish work on it was never done. On Wednesday, out of the blue, the contractor for the building knocked on our door with a worker in tow and they proceeded to put a spackle on the repaired hole and promised that they'd show up at 9 or 10 in the morning the next day to do the final painting. Brian had his 6 month recall Doctor's appointment on Thursday, so he left the house at 9:30 with his fingers crossed that the worker would ultimately show up. Shelley & Fredi left the house at 10:30 for Fredi's morning walk. We've learned over time not to wait fruitlessly for too long. No more was heard from anyone. The work is ultimately getting done but we've been living in the apartment for 2 years now and still it's not quite finished. It's a system that takes some getting used to. It's almost worth a song: The Saga of the Kitchen Ceiling Hole. Would it be a folk song or country & western or blues?

Brian went back for the results of his blood tests on Friday and was pleased that his PSA was down even more than the last time. The Doctor told him that he was having spectacular results and was very pleased with his progress. At lunch time we met a friend at Raymipampa and caught up with each other and had a very pleasant couple of hours. All in all it's been a very nice week and we hardly miss our holiday mode at all.

Please note: Once again we're showcasing insect pictures taken by our friend Holly.

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  1. Hooray, Brian. Glad to hear your psa is even better. Futher, I think it's twisted humor to start this entry talking about food and adorning it with spider pictures! ¡Muy estraño!