Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Means This: Dottering?

It ended up being another chore day as we wandered downtown on Friday and picked up Shelley's slacks from being hemmed, dropped into a printer's place (Sanguirma 9-18 y B. Malo) to get another 200 personal cards printed up and swung by the post office to check on our PO Box. The pants looked great, professional and well done. We got 200 cards printed in probably August of 2008 and we were getting pretty low these days so decided we should purchase another 200. They told us the cost would be $40 and we expressed our amazement and surprise because the original cost (only less than 2 years ago) was $20 or $25 (we couldn't remember exactly). After much hemming and hawing and a telephone call and finally a discussion with someone who presumably had more authority, we got the cards for $30. At the post office were 2 birthday cards for Shelley & 2 Father's Day cards for Brian. We were thrilled! We also ran into a couple we know and chattered for awhile about what we'd been up to all the while standing in the middle of the Post Office being in the way. (Again, don't you hate that!) We ended up being well satisfied with our excursion.

Saturday was spent trying to get in touch with people, some successfully, some without success. We arranged to meet yet another "blog couple" for dinner at Tiestos so spent the day puttering around saving ourselves for the evening. We'd invited the blog couple over for pate and a glass of wine before we set off to the restaurant and they were very enthusiastic about Cuenca and their plans to find an apartment and return later in the year. As usual we had a fantastic meal at Tiestos. The energy and ambiance of the restaurant really adds to the whole dining experience. This time these had a guitarist playing and singing in the background. Our guests were very impressed with Fredi's good manners and we had a lovely visit!

Originally, we had started the blog to keep in touch with family & friends easily. Keep them in tune with our daily life and thus not lose touch with them Out of the effort came "blog friends"; people all over the world who were interested in Ecuador, interested in our daily lives in retirement and interested in Brian & Shelley as people. Go figure; this was a surprise; not something we expected. Many of these "blog friends" we've had the happy opportunity to meet. In almost all circumstances, it's been a pleasure to meet them and share our lives in a more intimate manner. We're not sure the keeping in touch with friends & family part is working out though. We feel they touch base with the blog from time to time but perhaps this isn't enough. Be assured friends & family & others we're here; available on Skype, happy to reply to an email from you, wondering always what you're up to. We want to hear from you too!

Fredi had had her bi-weekly bath on Saturday so we were rather disappointed on Sunday morning when it dawned drizzly and wet. We took her for a short walk and then dottered around the apartment until it was time to go out in the early afternoon to a birthday bash for a friend. By the time we left, the weather had improved and we both walked out without a coat. It was a pot luck and there were tons of people (we of course took Brian's pate) so there was a wonderful assortment of food to eat (lasagna, potato salad, stuffed eggs, pineapple salsa etc.) and a couple of speeches from the birthday girl. Three hours later when we exited the building it was raining once again and us without our coats. We cowered in door ways until a cab came and then bombed through the streets until we hit an intersection and were in a bit of a fender bender. Our cabby was in the right, nevertheless we had to get out (without paying of course) and flag down yet another cab in the drizzle. Poor Fredi was late for her afternoon walk by this time, but we ventured upstairs to our apartment to pick up coat before allowing her to relieve herself. In the end, all was well, we really weren't very wet and Fredi was a happy dog.

Just before we went shopping on Monday, we phoned a friend we thought needed some cheering up. While shopping, we bought the fixings for hamburgers & salad and some strawberry cheesecake ice cream, plus a box of wine. Now the previous list of things can't go all the way and cheer somebody up but it sure is a good starter. We puttered around the house Monday afternoon and our friend came over early evening for dinner. We talked and ate pate and eventually cooked the burgers and ate sitting on the couch & talked some more. We had strawberry cheesecake ice cream and drank our wine and kept on talking and in the end I think we sent our friend home feeling just a little bit better. We sure hope so in any case.

To a bright, sunny, warm day on Tuesday, we caught the # 28 bus down to our printers and picked up our cards. They looked exactly like the old set so we were well enough pleased. We then wandered to the park in the main square and sat in the shade on a bench for awhile, taking in the sights and occasionally letting a small child pet Fredi. Stopping in at the 10th of August market Brian got his roast pig as we hadn't been able to do that on Sunday. We then walked the rest of the way home, enjoying the sunshine, the sights & the exercise.

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