Thursday, March 4, 2010

But What About Fredi?!

Our last blog mentioned we were expecting workmen to come fix the hole in our kitchen ceiling at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday. At 9:45 two workmen and the developer for the building showed up and took a look at the hole and advised they'd be back in 25 minutes to fix it. At 10:20 some friends of ours dropped by for 10 or 15 minutes to pick up some almost spicy sausage Brian had bought in Quito for them. When they left, Brian took Fredi for her morning walk. Shelley stayed at home waiting. Brian & Fredi arrived back home at 11:07. Shelley shrugged at them indicating nothing new had happened. At 11:28 Brian started preparing the meat loaf we were planning on serving our guests that evening.

"Meat loaf!" you say. "Who serves guests meat loaf? That's a plain family only meal."
Answer: We do. Brian's meat loaf with ground beef & pork and a myriad of spices is great!

Brian & Fredi went down for their nap at 12:21 pm with instructions to wake Brian up if the workmen came. We'd already decided, since we had company coming for dinner that evening, that if they showed up much later than 2 o'clock, we'd have to turn them away. By 4:15 we were confident we didn't have to worry about the workmen interrupting our evening. Once again, we've fruitlessly waited. Once again we'll go about our business until we run into the developer again (he conveniently lives in the building), ask him when the work will be done, note his surprised face and then go about this now familiar routine. Sooner or later (perhaps) our hole will be fixed. Stay tuned for the next installment.

Brian had found a place in Quito where he could get his Cedula colour copied & laminated and he decided we'd search around and find such a place in Cuenca and do Shelley's. During one of our Fredi walks we discovered a place in our neighbourhood, so Wednesday morning we set out to get the job done. The entire process cost less than $1 and gives you the confidence to pack your Cedula around without having to worry about losing it. They did such a good job with Shelley's, it actually looks better than the original!

It's been a year since Fredi had her major shots done, so on Thursday off we went to the vet. She got a rabies shot & 2 other shots, plus a parasite pill and her nails cut. Her temperature was taken & she was weighed. We also came home with some multi-vitamines and something called Gel Antiplaca for her teeth, as well as some Advantage flea & tick medication for the next time we head out of Cuenca (not many bugs in Cuenca). The total bill came to $37.80. Fredi, although she started trembling as soon as we entered the vets, was a wonderful dog, patient with all the poking & prodding. She has to go back in 21 days for her 2nd set of parasite medication but other than that is off the hook for another year except for getting her nails cut. These days, Shelley's tweezers the hair out of her ears & trims her coat once every 2 weeks. The vet also showed us how to "milk" her anal glands so this is also done when she has her bi-weekly bath. We can't quite bring ourselves to cut her nails but usually this costs $2 when we get it done once every 4 - 6 weeks.

As we were coming home from the vet, we noticed one of the better known real estate women from town as well as the developer for our building showing off a suite for sale. The couple they were showing it to, came up to us and asked us if we were Brian & Shelley. They'd read out blog. We advised them there were no major problems with the building and the location was wonderful. We also seized the moment and pointed out to the developer we still hadn't seen anyone regarding the hole in our kitchen. He somewhat sheepishly advised us someone would be by tomorrow. Now that's some sort of cosmic justice thing happening...isn't it? In any case, we'll see what happens.

For several months now, we've been discussing possibly going to either Europe or England this summer for a holiday. Two months ago Shelley announced she didn't want to go.

"What'll we do with Fredi?" she wailed.

The end of 2009 & beginning of 2010 was a fairly eventful time for us. Brian's brother got sick & passed away and Brian flew on short notice to Canada to say goodbye. Before you could blink, Christmas was happening and in the midst of all that Brian himself was diagnosed with cancer. Now everything's just fine these days, but the whole experience was anything but restful.

Our daughter came for a visit and we took a 4 day adventure bus ride out to the coast and back. To say we were pleased with Sammy's visit is an understatement but any new person thrown into a closed mixed causes at least some sloshing.

"But what about Fredi?!"

Maybe I'll want to go to Europe next summer or even in a few months" Shelley told Brian. "But right now I just want to be at home. Can you understand that?" she asked him. "I don't want to think about anything complicated. We can go to Vilcabamba or Salinas for a holiday. Just let me be for awhile." She batted her eyes at him and after only several months of wrangling he finally gave in.

"Ok...But I get a big screen TV & a helicopter" he grumbled.

"Where are you going to keep the helicopter?" she asked smiling indulgently.

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