Monday, March 1, 2010

And Again the Rain Came Down

Fredi & Shelley by themselves: Lying on the couch watching TV, Fredi cozies into Shelley's shoulder. Shelley's on the computer, Fredi circles herself onto the couch nearby. Shelley's reading, Fredi lies on her legs, shifting with every move. Going to bed; Fredi pushes herself as close as possible, curled deep into the warmth. Brian & Sammy are in Quito. Fredi mourns & sucks up big time to Shelley.

Sammy & Brian shopped 'til they dropped in Quito. Sammy found a photography magazine in Spanish for her husband & a vase with penguins on it for herself. Brian came home with more curry powder & sausages that are actually a little bit spicy. Apparently neither one of them got a good sleep, so Brian arrived home with caffeine jitters & a longing for a tub bath. Sammy text(ed) from Houston that she'd landed & again, many hours later (18), that she was back in Vancouver. Her flight was delayed an hour in Houston but other than that everything went as fine as can be expected. Fredi, of course, was (!) OVERJOYED (!) to see Brian.

Saturday we trekked downtown to look at a shirt Shelley had spied while shopping with Sammy, but it turned out they didn't have any in her size (all too small). We sat in the park for awhile and enjoyed the people & the sun & the busy(ness), bought a couple of $1.50 movies and then caught a bus home. As all but one of our income tax slips had arrived, Shelley then proceeded to the Canada Revenue Agency internet site and printed out the forms we needed for our 2009 income taxes.

"I'm stressed enough after printing out the forms" Shelley told Brian, riffling through an inch of paper to demonstrate. "I'll do your taxes another day."

Because Canada has a tax treaty with Ecuador we could file a special form once and pay 15% income tax thereafter (no matter what our income) and not have to file any more forms, however, as it turns out our income is such that our taxes are under 15%. Thus we continue to file the myriad of documents to receive our "bonus" refund.

And again the rain came down. One of our shelving units for plants out on the patio got so overweighted with water that it started to tip over. Shelley took her slippers off and went out to the patio to save the unit & her plants. She was out there less than a minute but came back soaked to the skin. The thunder cracked overhead and the river rose up and over our measuring boulder and up the stump on the end of the island. Fredi trembled at the might of nature & our satellite TV went off and on with the vagaries of the wind and the rain. That night, late in the night or early in the morning, Shelley had been sleeping and Brian was reading. She woke up and asked Brian what the heck he was doing doing because the bed was bouncing. Apparently we had had ourselves a small earthquake!

On our way downtown for our Sunday walk we encountered a marathon. A police helicopter was circling the entire thing & policemen were at street corners redirecting traffic. It seemed to be street performer day down at the park; we encountered three of them putting on small plays as well as a troupe of dancers. We sat in the park and eventually several people we know came by and we chatted with them for awhile. There was a new couple we'd never met before from the States and we were asked if we'd show them the ropes in getting roast pig at the 10th of August market. We of course, were happy to oblige. We then showed them where to buy bus cards & another new bus route to their home.

From time to time we get teased because our life seems such a routine to outside people. Shelley & Brian get along really well and we like to spend time alone together. Ain't nothin' wrong with that! After the last few months of anything but routine, we're kinda glad to be quiet for awhile. We shop on Monday & go downtown to the park on Sunday. That's it really; our routine. Oh...if we're going to have people over for dinner usually we have them on Tuesday. Can you guess why? You got it (!) We shop on Monday. In any case, after shopping Shelley came home and boiled chicken for her salads for the rest of the week (she continues to fruitlessly try to lose weight) and made Cream Cheese Brownies (OK! Cream Cheese Brownies don't help) but (you've got it again!) we've got people coming over for dinner on Tuesday.

Steady readers of this blog will realize that we've had a hole in our ceiling in our kitchen for some time now (can it really be well over a year?!) Several blogs have mentioned this hole. In a different mood, Shelley may have written songs dedicated to this hole.... In any case, we made arrangements with the builder yet again for contractors to come and fix the hole on Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. (Note: We have dinner guests coming at 5 p.m.)

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