Friday, July 31, 2009

It's 1:23 PM

It's 9:21 PM It's been raining off and on all day and thus, while we went out for a short walk, we've been mostly inside reading, watching TV, baking, playing on the computer, napping, etc. The day didn't drag even though the skies were grey.

Brian's watching the news: "Maybe there'll be something on besides Michael Jackson" he told Shelley.

Shelley sits at the computer, just about ready to shut it down and go to bed and read her book for awhile. She looks out the window next to the computer into the darkness and listens to the river. We've been in Ecuador for just over a year now and it's been a pretty good year. All the people we know in Vancouver are complaining of the heat while here in Cuenca it's winter; the kind of winter where every couple of days you can still wander around without a coat.

It's 12:51 PM Brian's in the front room eating his lunch and watching the news. We've just come back from a walk to Feria Libre. We didn't go there for the purpose of shopping so much as just for the walk, although Shelley picked up one of her $1 cactuses. The ladies at the plant place know her now and point out unusual cactuses. Feria Libre is the epitome of Ecuador. Every time we go there we leave feeling somewhat exhausted and overwhelmed. There are crowds and piles of fruit & vegetables and clothes & parts for your blenders & duckies & puppies & geese & chickens & more people and cereals & vendors selling hats & aprons & cell phone carriers and ladies with goats & bales of corn & blankets & shoes & more hats & rugs and places that sell roast pig & chicken & cuy and bras & panties and baskets & clay pots and the list just goes on and on. Wednesday is the biggest day for the market and they fill the parking lot with extra vendors so if we feel we'd like a visit to Feria Libre we always go on Wednesday.

After we left the market we headed for the river so that Fredi could have a free walk. Shelley & Fredi have a roar around free walk play thing going these days where they egg each other on until they're both panting; perhaps Shelley more than Fredi. They seem to enjoy it though.

It's 1:16 PM After being at home for awhile, Shelley got sucked into a FaceBook application her kids invited her to join and Brian & Fredi went down for their afternoon nap.

It's 8:22 AM Brian's been up for a couple of hours. He's walked Fredi and done his morning computer time. After Shelley finishes her computer time & her morning chore and Brian's had a bath, we'll eat breakfast, study our Spanish and then we're off to Coral Centro to see if we can buy some cheap shelving for 2 of our kitchen cupboards.

"So already we've outgrown our space" Brian quipped when Shelley told him what she wanted to do.

On the boat we were always careful; whenever something new came into the boat, something old was thrown out. Even the canned goods had to be paced strategically so that they didn't affect the trim of the boat.

What Shelley wants the shelving for is our spice cupboard. We've gotten to the point where finding a particular spice means taking half of the spices out of the cupboard. She thought a small shelf so she could separate the spices into 2 layers would do the trick. Coral Centro doesn't allow dogs, so Brian and Fredi will have to sit outside on the benches provided and watch the world go by. Last time they did this, they had a steady stream of Fredi admirers with whom Brian could practice his Spanish.

It's 5:29 PM We bought 2 systems at Coral: one was 2 plastic stacking bins ($4.50) and the other was a wire frame with 2 wire shelves ($7). Neither fit in the spice cupboard once we got them home. Shelley spent a couple of hours taking stuff out of cupboards, cleaning the cupboards and trying out the shelves. She finally took a plastic system we'd previously bought for the bathroom and used that for the spices. We put the plastic bins we bought today in the bathroom and used the wire shelving in our pasta cupboard. In the end, everything worked out but it did take some shuffling around. We've been in the apartment for almost a year so cleaning out the cupboards was probably due anyway.

It's 9:11 AM We woke up this morning to find that our satellite TV wasn't working. Brian's phoning to them right now to see if he can determine the problem and if not we'll have to hop in a cab and go down to their offices. It's what we call our "bill day" where we go around town and ~ you guessed it ~ pay our bills, so adding the cable TV people to our rounds should not be too onerous.

It's 9:23 AM Shelley can hear Brian reeling off numbers in Spanish; undoubtedly our account number. He's saying muchas gracias so something must be going right. Have we progressed to the point where we can deal with a problem over the phone in Spanish?

Apparently they're having some sort of system problem and it should be OK by this afternoon. We've very proud of Brian and his Spanish vocabulary these days!

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