Sunday, July 12, 2009

"How are you doing?" we both asked each other...

Finally the weather got better and Fredi & Shelley were able to go out for a long walk. Being cooped up in the apartment wasn't good for their state of mind and being out in the sunshine really helped a lot. They wandered over to Feria Libra and looked at the kittens & puppies and then went to Fredi's second favourite place in the whole world for a free walk. They say exercise puts your mind in a different frame and they're right.

Brian & Shelley were able to Skype briefly that evening. Brian had had 3 hours sleep in the last 46 and although pleased he'd seen his brother he was surrounded by relatives, a bit overwhelmed and a bit goofy. He was hoping to get some real sleep that evening and advised he was going to get half an hour alone with his brother the next day.

Shelley had decided to wash their giant quilt while Brian was away. She put it in the bathtub with detergent and then filled the tub and squished away & then rinsed & then rinsed again. It certainly did need cleaning! Full of water she squeezed it out as best she could and then dragged it onto a towel & then dragged the towel out to the balcony.

"Full of water it might have weight 200 pounds!" she told Brian later when they talked about it.

It was so heavy she could barely drag it up on top of their balcony table and drape it across 4 chairs. After arranging the quilt & towel-drying the floor between the bathroom and the balcony, she lay down on the bed panting for a while. Fredi was quite fascinated with the spare fuzzy quilt now on the bed & rolled & rolled & rolled on it until she'd made it hers.

Brian had a good visit with his brother. They reminisced & expressed their pride in each other and said goodbye. He had a good talk with his brother's spouse & his niece and all in all, the purpose of the visit was fulfilled and fulfilling.

"I was so tired I just kept babbling the first day" Brian told Shelley. "I told them all about Ecuador & Fredi and everyone was quite interested."

Brian had left Houston at midnight 31 hours after leaving our apartment in Cuenca and arrived in Vancouver at around noon. He caught a bus straight from the airport which took him to the ferry and over to Vancouver Island. He spent that afternoon with his brother and then managed to get 7 hours sleep on a memory foam mattress.

"They really are nice!" Brian commented.

The next morning he had some alone time with his brother and that afternoon some alone time with his niece, then it was back on the ferry where he was picked up at the other end by Shelley's oldest daughter & her husband.

"What do you want for supper?" she asked him.

"Smokies" Brian told her. "They don't have them in Ecuador."

Fredi & Shelley went to the people's market for their usual Sunday morning shop of fresh fruit & vegetables. As Brian is usually carrying Fredi in her pack, this was the first time Shelley really heard the murmurs & laughing and felt Fredi wiggling as people tried to pet her as they were walking through the crowd.

Brian's friend in Holland phoned to find out how Brian was doing and to make sure Shelley was getting along OK. When Brian & Shelley Gmail Video'd later on, she reminded Brian to email his friend & told him about the market experience. Brian was off to do some shopping for things unavailable in Ecuador (Greek spice) and then 2 of the kids and their spouses were all going to meet up at Memphis Blues for a wonderful bar-b-que dinner.

"How are you doing?" we both asked each other and got the standard reassurances that there was nothing to worry about.

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