Saturday, May 2, 2009

On one of our Woks

More Spanish: to take - (1) tomar; Do you take sugar? Tomas azucar? (2) llevar; When will you take me to London? Cuando me llevaras a Londres? (3) sopotar; He can't take being criticized. No soporta que le critiquen. (4) hacer; Have you taken your driving test yet? Ya has hecho el examen de conducir? (5) aceptar; We take credit cards. Aceptamos tarjetas de credito. PLUS: (a) to take after; parecerse a (b) to take apart; desmontar algo (c) to take away; llevarse & quitar (d) to take back; devolver (e) to take down; quitar (f) to take in; comprender & enganar (g) to take off; despegar & quitar (h) to take out; sacar (i) to take over; hacerse cargo de (j) takeaway; la comida para llevar (k) takeoff; el despegue ;-)

Off we went to Bob & Rox's place in Cuenca and together with Bob's brother, sister-in-law & a friend from Canada, we celebrated Rox's birthday in Ecuador. Her birthday tradition is to give presents to all who attend her celebration. Somewhat stunned we all opened our lovely presents & watched Rox open hers. Even the puppies got presents! They fed us huge slabs of tender meat, home fries and ice cream cake and we talked about swine flu, shopping in Ecuador, puppies, past birthdays, dentists & dental procedures and briefly about American politics. The puppies wreaked havoc for a couple of hours but finally found their level after that. Fredi could barely keep her eyes open when we carried her out of the apartment and took the elevator ride down to the parking lot.

The next morning after Brian had taken Fredi for her morning walk at 6:00 a.m. she came back to bed to snuggle with Shelley for an hour. This is unheard of and demonstrates how hard the two puppies play together. When we got home after the party we immediately got out Fredi's grooming comb and untangled the hair around her neck. The last time they were together we didn't realize that their playing together caused Fredi's hair to mat as a result of Coco licking her. She was quite disgruntled that she had to have a grooming session when all she wanted to do was go to sleep.

The next day was bill day, so off we went on our rounds. As a special treat we headed to CIDAP as we'd read in Cuenca Highlife that Eduardo Segovia had a showing there and we'd noted that he crafted fish plates. His work in clay is stunning and far ranging. He had several fish plates & small fish murals that Shelley would have been happy to take home any one of (or all of them) but we finally decided on a plate, even though it was a tad outside our budget. Carefully wrapped in a spongy material, Brian wouldn't let Shelley touch it until we got home. It's been an eventful time for our fish wall as we've managed to get 3 new items within the last 9 days. Shelley assures Brian, when he inquired, that there's room for several more fish before the wall is complete.

After much trepidation, staring out the window, and lengthy discussion, we decided to brave the possible rain and head off downtown for our daily walk. The thought was we could always catch a bus and go home if it deluged. In any case, it was a serendipitous walk because we ran into a wok. Mind you, it has a long handle like a frying pan, but it's deep and has high sides and a small base like a wok. We've been looking for one since we came to Ecuador and couldn't find any. We did find wok-like pans with high sides but with a broad base and most of them were made out of aluminum. Now Shelley seems to think you shouldn't eat out of pans made of aluminum as she thinks there's some correlation between aluminum and alzheimer's. Checking it out on the web provided that the correlation is unproven. She was then curious as to how much alzheimer's there is in Ecuador because so many of the people eat from aluminum pans. Checking that out on the web provided numerous sites but all of them in Spanish. She wasn't curious enough to try and translate any of the sites. In any case, we managed to go downtown, have a cappuccino, buy a wok and trek back home all without ending up in a rain storm. This being retired seems to suit us.

To demonstrate how long we've been looking for a wok and how happy we were to find one, Brian had a dream about it last night. Apparently we were at some gathering and were supposed to cook Chinese food for our contribution. The gathering was outside and while Brian was busy chopping vegetables, somebody absconded with our brand new Teflon coated wok! When Brian went to use it and discovered it was missing, he went down the hill to a gypsy/hippy-like encampment where he found the wok. The upscale hippy fellow who had it tried to explain to Brian that the "tribe" was "into sharing". Brian was not sympathetic to their philosophy and he explained to the fellow that he needed it for his own purposes. The wok was filthy dirty with black burn marks and the Teflon was all scratched! Brian got quite upset and in his dream he bonked the guy in the head with the wok. Keep in mind this is a dream; Brian's the last person on the planet who would actually bonk someone on the head. In any case, after the bonk he woke up.

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  1. Please please please could you tell me where you found your wok!?

    Loved the dream - it's hilarious!