Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pizza & Puppies

We're very proud of Brian! He went to the dentist and had his teeth cleaned and didn't need any happy pills. He was a bit anxious the day before and while waiting for his appointment in the dentist's office he looked a bit green, but he did it! Walking home Brian commented, "I had to get down to 3 teeth before the dentist started giving me compliments." After the deep clean the dentist assured Brian as long as he gets them cleaned every 3 months, his teeth should last for a long long time.

The weather seems to have turned in Cuenca. After months and months of hot weather and hardly any rain, it's been raining just about every day for extended periods and is coolish outside. We're not talking miserable, cold, windy, Vancouver rain, but nevertheless it's definitely a different season here the last few weeks. From having to water the outside plants on the balcony twice a week, we're now down to not having to water them at all. Wonder how long this will last?

We took Fredi into the Vet to have her hair cut at 9:00 a.m. and phoned at 12:45 to see if she was ready. They told us to pick her up at 4 o'clock. What can be taking so long? It's got to be one of those Ecuadorian things. We're worried about Fredi and her stress levels...and we miss her...................2:40 p.m. and we really are noticing the gap left from being Fredi-less. Finally, at 4 o'clock we set out to pick her up. She was cute as a button with her new haircut but her nose was definitely out of joint with us. When we picked her up, she submitted to a tight cuddle but wouldn't look at us, rolling her head away and snubbing us quite thoroughly. It took several hours and several special treats before she seemed her usual self.

After a couple of days of stressful appointments and needless worrying (whirring) we were happy to get back into our every day routine; up in the a.m., computer, chores, breakfast, study Spanish, long walk, lunch, nap, computer/reading, dinner, TV, reading/bed. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Shelley's been immersed in Twitter lately. She's found yet another reality to try to understand. Brian's indulgent but standoffish.

Saturday took us off to one of the large plant places where Shelley purchased 4 more plants to crowd our balcony with. She assured Brian that after these purchases, they'd have "enough". Brian gave her an indulgent "oh sure" look and truth be told, she's not sure he believed her. We walked to the plant place and walked around the plant place and walked home, so it ended up we were walking for about an hour and a half. We're both in pretty good shape for walking these days although we still don't like to climb up the stairs from the river into town and try to avoid that exercise.

PS:- Two days later, Shelley was looking at one of her succulents in our front room and stated: "OK, I lied."

Brian looked up from watching television and asked her what she was talking about.

"I lied, we don't have enough plants" she told him.

Brian merely went back to watching TV.

It's hard for us to believe that day to day life here in Ecuador is getting routine. When we first came here, although somewhat surprised at the relative lack of culture shock, there still were things to see & experience every day that were new or strange or exciting. Now the women dressed in their indigenous costumes, the huge blooms on trees & plants, the goats or cows grazing across the street, even the men regularly relieving themselves outside everywhere have become common and everyday. This is not to say we've ceased enjoying ourselves or don't find new things from time to time, it's just that when you first come you think the the newness will never rub off and there's a kind of disappointment when it does. Our honeymoon phase is over and we find ourselves slipping into a general contentment. It's nice.

On Sunday we went to the outskirts of town, almost to the country where we had pizza at a friend's house and watched puppies play. We talked about the Republic of Texas, heritage seeds, dieting, Correa's likelihood of winning the upcoming election, backyard gardens and once again the differences between Canada and the United States. We left stuffed with pizza, apple pie, chocolate roll, fruit & goodwill.

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