Sunday, March 8, 2009

There's a Hole in my Ceiling, Dear Liza, Dear Liza

Promptly at 3 o'clock, the building contractor and one of his workmen came by to examine our hole. They advised they'd be back at 9 a.m. the next day to fix it. We explained we had a lunch date and would have to leave by 11 a.m. at the latest. We were assured that this would be no problem. They'd get the hole fixed before 11 and then they'd come back at 5 p.m. and do the painting; which should then take about 30 minutes.

We continue to wait.

The next morning, we did our ablutions early and quickly, ate breakfast & tentatively started our Spanish lesson thinking we'd be interrupted. Nine o'clock came and went, we finished our Spanish and Brian turned to Shelley, "They're not coming are they?"

"Maybe they'll come at 5:00" she replied optimistically.

Off we went to the Sankt Florian to enjoy yet another one of their lunch specials with a woman who had contacted us through the blog. She's a native Ecuadorian, who left the country at age 8 and ended up in the United States when she was 11. Beautiful, well educated, charming; she was trying to decide whether to stay in the States or move back to Ecuador for retirement. We talked about the attitude towards women in a latin country vs Canada & the U.S. We also talked about living with a more obvious poverty here in Ecuador and the benefits of avoiding northern winters. It was a fascinating & thoroughly entertaining couple of hours. Our guest spent some thoughtful time conjecturing how her life might have turned out had she remained in Ecuador. We may have waxed a bit poetic about the life paths followed & left, but in the end all of us seemed pretty satisfied with the way things were working out.

On the way home on the bus Brian told Shelley, "Well if they didn't show up at 9, there's no reason for them to come at 5." He was of course talking about the "hole guy".

"So what do we do?" Shelley asked. "Wait awhile until we run into the building developer again?"

Brian mumbled something Shelley didn't need to understand. It's nice, don't you think (?) that we're catching on to this whole Latin time thing.

We ended up going to ExPat night 2 weeks in a row. (Something we usually try not to do.) Friends of ours from the Coast were up and they wanted us to meet relatives that were just coming to Cuenca. We met our new blog friend there as well and ended up sitting at a table with yet another couple from the States & a lady from Canada. Both Brian & Shelley took a circuit of the room but there were so many people attending this time, we gave up doing a good job of it. We never did have an opportunity to really talk to our friend's relatives. Another time. As usual the food at Zoe's was good and we spent $22 on 3 beers, 2 meals & 2 bubbly waters.

Fredi insisted we go to the Parque Paraiso and have a good romp. While there we ran into 3 medium sized dogs & had a wonderful (!) time. The Parque Paraiso should be called the kissing park, as every time we go there we run into young couples spooning. There was some sort of bicycle event just starting as we got there and a couple of hundred bikers getting ready to do something. We walked around the Park and had a few rest periods and the bikers were long gone when we returned.

There's a dead rat on the road outside our apartment that has slowly been getting flatter & flatter. A few more days and it won't be recognizable as a rat. Shelley has this growing collection of pictures of dead animals. When we first came to Ecuador we noticed on our numerous bus rides, several dead dogs & a horse lying at the side of the roads. Probably because Canada has a much tighter animal control, you don't see bodies near as often there. She has pictures of dogs & pigs & pigeons & flat rats, on the road, floating in the river & lying in alleys. What exactly she's going to do with these pictures, she doesn't know. It doesn't seem right to put them on the blog or push them onto our Facebook pages; not good for the kiddies. Nevertheless, she keeps taking them with a kind of morbid fascination. We don't think it's too unhealthy?

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  1. Love the building shots. Interesting architecture. Don't know about the dead animal shots, though. Sounds like a new twist on the photographer from the movie "Little Murders". Maybe she can get them published! ;-)