Thursday, February 5, 2009

Planet Irony

Shelley & Brian have been wasting quite a bit of time lately arguing, trying to figure out if they've been together 13 or 14 years. As Shelley measures time by events, she'll take the age of one of her children and subtract, or know the date she quit a particular job and go from there, etc. There's been argument as to whether they should count from first meeting or from first living together and that argument isn't worth squat if neither one of them can remember either date. They have agreed however, it's likely between 13 & 14 years from first meeting.

The story behind Planet Irony:

Shelley put an ad in the paper for Brian. She had been single for 18 months or so and was beginning to get lonely. With 2 children hanging on to her every time she went out, you may understand that she wasn't getting asked out a lot. The ad, the various dates, the machinations Brian & Shelley went through are stories unto themselves. However...

During the very first phone call after Brian answered her ad in the paper, he waxed poetic about his wonderful boat Dowager, his "mistress". They talked for a couple hours that very first long distance phone call. You can't believe their phone bills the first 6 months! Brian was managing a radio station in British Columbia's Cariboo region and Shelley was living & working in Vancouver with her 2 kids. Brian was also on City Council in the small town he was living in. There had been some preliminary discussion suggesting the possibility of his going into Provincial politics.

Quipping with Shelley, trying to impress, he asked her if she'd ever thought of being married to a politician.

Shelley was taken aback at the mere mention of marriage at the very beginning of their relationship. Thinking it was very presumptuous and knowing who she was, she told him she wouldn't make a very good wife for a politician.

Brian laughed, "Ya...I don't think I'd make a very good politician myself."

"Well that's ironic!" Shelley threw at him, wondering why he'd asked in the first place.

Brian laughed again "If they hadn't named the planet Earth, they would have called it Irony" he told her.

In any case...when it came time to name the blog and Shelley discussed it with Brian, he immediately suggested Planet Irony.

There was no argument.

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