Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fredi the Third

Despite the dentist's orders to take it easy for 4 days, Brian felt so fine after his minor surgery, off we went to Coral Centro seeking a gasket for our blender. No luck. We did however, pick up 2 plastic shelves for our patio plants, a new dish drainer that hopefully won't cause the dishes to go crashing into each other & a tiny plastic shelf unit for under the bathroom cupboard to put toothpaste etc. in, all for the outrageous price of $16. We stopped in to the appliance store near where we live in our continuing search for the blender gasket and were at least given the address of another place that might have them.

It'd been really the first day in weeks and weeks that Brian hadn't had the looming terror of boogy-dentist lurking in the back of his head. Felt good.

Felt so good, he decided it was time we bought a dog. We've been looking at puppies at the Feria Libre market since we got to Ecuador. "They are so cute!" And on one of the episodes when Brian took his happy pills but no dental work was done, he wandered into a pet store and Shelley had to take him by the hand and lead him out. We'd talked to a veterinarian and she'd told us that she knew of some Shi Tzu puppies that would be ready in a week. Brian eagerly gave her our card and said we'd like to look at the puppies (after all, a week's ages away). Sooner than expected, the vet phoned us and told us she had 2 female puppies ready for viewing.

Brian was captured immediately.

Shelley took him aside and pointed out we had nothing prepared to bring a puppy into our house. Her thought was a night sleeping on it should produce any "cold feet" if they were there to be produced. The next morning we had a long discussion about parenting; walks, clean up, baths, responsibility, etc. etc. and Brian was not to be deterred.

Off we went and picked up a pretty little Shi Tzu female which we immediately named Fredi. The people at the store were concerned that we knew what we were getting and told us Fred wasn't appropriate for a chica. Brian explained Fredi was short for Frederica and then they were satisfied.

She's a lap dog well and truly. Happiest being handled and quite content to sit on Shelley's lap while she taps on the computer. Research on the internet tells us it'll likely take 6 months to house train her. Apparently this is very common with the small breed dogs. On the way home from the vet, Shelley put her down for a short tug on the leash. She immediately did her business. We were VERY pleased and TOLD HER!

By the way, we were finally steered to Asitec near the Feria Libre to get a gasket for our blender. They were of course, out of stock, but assured us they could order one and it'd be there in about a week. We ordered 3. We don't think getting this gasket was any harder here in Ecuador than it would be in Canada. We've both got memories of charging all over Vancouver trying to find the smallest part for an appliance.

Reading through the blog, Brian was affronted in that it seemed as if getting the dog was all his idea. Shelley merely smiled gently at him, Fredi cozied in his lap, and put this sentence in the blog. When Brian objected yet again, Shelley had a good laugh. We argued for a bit and then Fredi sneezed and we both forgot all about what was going on.

That evening we had an engagement for dinner with another blog reader. We met at Raymipampa and had an enjoyable couple of hours talking about our various adventures and filling our new friend in on the various pit falls (few) and joys of moving to Ecuador. Fredi came with us in one of Shelley's larger purses and was as good as gold, laying quietly on her lap the whole time content just to be with people.

Later on that evening we tried to "crate" Fredi for the night but gave in after listening to pitful whines & ear piercing little barks for only about 10 minutes. Up on the bed she came, snuggling in between us and settling in for an unbroken night's sleep. Brian had to wake her up in the morning.

"You know if we let her sleep on the bed, we'll be stuck with it" Brian told Shelley in the morning after doing some more research on the web.

"What's wrong with that?" Shelley asked.


  1. Buena suerte con Fredi. Cute picture of her and Fred. Brian! Sus dientes parecen muy bueno!!

  2. Are you the "Brian and Shelley" that was just mentioned on the Bluegrass Country? If so, hello from Indiana! We hit 0 today for the high. Sniff some orchids for me!

  3. Turns out Brian is old friends with the DJ on Bluegrass Country. Brian was in the radio business for 35 years. They found each other via the magic of internet. Isn't the world small!

  4. Very cool. The internet certainly makes the world a bit smaller, indeed! I have always wanted to visit Ecuador, so when I heard the mention on Bluegrass Country, I just did a google search on "Brian Shelly Ecuador" and it led me here. Thanks for the cool insight on living in Ecuador. I want to make it down to see the Ecuagenera orchid greenhouses in Cuenca some day. :)