Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chaos, Dentists, Company & Miracle Whip

OMG! Chaos reigns as we all get in the kitchen to attempt a nice dinner. Shelley's theory of minimal dirty dishes clashes with Jan's tried and true method designed to sully every dish in the house.

"Are you going to wash the dishes?" Shelley squeaks.

"I'm stressed" Brian mumbles.

Despite the "cultural" differences dinner finally makes the table and all are satisfied.

"But who's washing the dishes?" Shelley inquires.
Brian did.

Later on we discussed the merits of Mac vs PC. This, it turns out, is like discussing religion or politics. No resolution was forthcoming. Shelley left the room to commiserate with her Mac and Jan remained satisfied with the superiority of PC's.

Brian went to the dentist to see how his abscessed tooth was doing and came home with the bad news that the periodontist feels it's going to have to be pulled. "I just spent $250 having a root canal done on that tooth!" Brian wailed. But apparently the abscess is just too deep and too extensive. He goes tomorrow to have it pulled and then the dentist and the periodontist will sit down with Brian and between the 3 of them decide what should happen next. Brian's down to 3 teeth. These are not enough to anchor his bottom plate. They're reluctant to pull his last 3 teeth but they are going to discuss this option together with putting in implants to act as an anchor.

We're aware this is getting to be a very old joke, but have we mentioned Shelley hates (!) Brian's teeth.

That night we put on a dinner for the Planet Irony reader that was currently in Cuenca. We had chicken catchatori (Brian's new specialty) and microwave cheese cake (Shelley's specialty). Shelley'd made microwave cheese cake any number of times while living on the boat, but had tried the recipe twice here in Cuenca and both times, despite halfing the cooking length the second time, it was over baked. This time she cooked it for five minutes, one minute at a time, resting one minute between sessions. It worked! We had lovely, light, yummy cheese cake. The four of us talked and ate and talked and ate some more and talked some more, and it was a very pleasant evening.

The next day Brian was off to the dentist to get his $250 root canal tooth pulled. Both the dentist and the periodontist urged Brian to try and save his remaining 3 teeth; something is needed to anchor his bottom plate. Apparently, the bottom gum is not as thick as the top gum and putting implants in, especially with someone who is already having infection problems, can cause even more infection. Another round of antibiotics was prescribed and the deep cleaning of his remaining teeth was again put off until the New Year. Brian however, is on a soft food diet for 7 days and can have no alcohol because of the antibiotics. We all, Brian, Jan & Shelley, counted 7 days on our fingers and came up with December 24th. There is salvation! Brian will be able to eat and be merry on Christmas day!

Jan & Shelley spent the rest of the day quietly reading, computering & watching TV as Brian slept the sleep of the happy pilled.

Back to the dentist the next day, just to make sure everything was going well, proved satisfactory. The infection was well under control, the healing process was going along as it should be. Jan & Shelley were sitting on the balcony eating breakfast when Brian came back from his appointment. Watching him walk down the street, Shelley commented to Jan: "He looks happy." Later on we decided he was happy because it'd be 2 weeks before he'd go see the dentist again!

Travelling on the city buses we went to Mall del Rio. Jan wanted cooking paper (to make his world famous chicken wings) and we had some gag gifts to buy for a party this weekend. Despite Jan's bad back, we still stopped and goggled at every little thing. A $7 shirt was purchased, the gag gifts were obtained & both the boys had a Burger King burger (just because) at the food fair. We of course forgot to buy eggs (Brian's been eating a lot of scrambled eggs) and neglected to look for Miracle Whip (our SuperMaxi didn't have any last time we shopped). How can a grocery store be out of Miracle Whip?

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