Saturday, December 6, 2008

And on and on...

Walking down the street Shelley had yet another tumble. Sitting on the sidewalk with bystanders asking Brian if she was alright, she dove into her purse looking for the camera.

"Get up Shelley!" Brian commanded somewhat embarrassed by her staying on the sidewalk.
"I could have landed on my purse in 32 different places. I could have not even landed on my purse! I felt the camera. I want to make sure the camera is OK."

It wasn't.

"What is it with Ecuador?" Brian asked. "We been together what now, 13 years (?) and you broke your finger that one time but you've fallen like 3 or 5 times since we've been here."

Shelley pointed down at the crumbling sidewalk. "I'm a look around person. I'm not used to having to watch my feet when I walk" she explained.

We bought yet another camera. Brian pointed out that if we were developing film it'd cost us about the same per year as what we're currently spending on cameras. Shelley didn't think much of that justification; she preferred to feel bad about breaking the camera and having to spend the money.

She was also (she admits irrationally) somewhat testy with Brian for the next couple of hours.
Brian was quiet.

And on and on.... Back to the dentist for Brian, this time to a periodontist to have his teeth cleaned. The periodontist and Brian discussed options and finally decided to try (as usual) to keep the few remaining teeth he has. This will entail Brian returning to the periodontist and have the gums around his teeth sliced so the dentist can deep clean below the gum level, then having stitches put in where the gums were sliced and returning several days later to have the stitches removed. Doesn't this sound like just the perfect procedure for someone who is deathly afraid of dentists? We figure we're now up to about $500 - $600 to have everything done whereas in Canada it would likely be over $2000. At this point for poor Brian it's not much consolation but Shelley finds solace in it at least.

Working at the computer Shelley looked up when Brian entered the room she was in a couple of hours after leaving the dentist. "I guess I shouldn't have eaten that sandwich while my mouth was still frozen" Brian told her.

He'd bitten the inside of his mouth and it was swollen and bleeding. "You poor thing!" Shelley commiserated.

That evening we finally went to Zoe's on Calle Borrero for dinner accompanied by another Canadian couple. We all commented it was nice to sit with a North American and not have to talk about the U.S. election. We did, however, speak to the overthrow :-) of the Canadian government. Expat night had been moved to Zoe's for one occasion but we hadn't attended that evening. Several people have remarked to us about Zoe so we were curious. We spent 4 hours there and at one point the chef (who is from Cuba) came out of the kitchen to talk to us. Brian tried to tell him in his pigeon Spanish about how one of our Prime Ministers (Pierre Trudeau) was friends with Castro. The chef seemed to know all about it. Brian had a lobster dish with an exquisite sauce and Shelley had a wonderful chicken salad. (She's still trying to lose that recently quit smoking weight.) Dinner ended up costing the 2 of us $35 (including tip) and we also had a couple of glasses of wine and a cappuccino each. Wonderful company, a superb meal; it was a good night.

That night, however, was relatively awful for both Brian and Shelley. Shelley blamed it on the cappuccino they'd had too late as she didn't get to sleep until after 2:00 a.m. Brian was up at 4:00 a.m. wide awake and had a thick cup of coffee that set him off with stomach pains and hot flashes etc. When Shelley got up the next morning around 8, Brian lay back down on the bed cross-wize quietly moaning and reiterating his woes. He curled up under a blanket and proceeded to doze the morning away (unheard of for Brian who's usually up and about by at least 6:30). Lonely by noon, Shelley forced Brian from the bed. We spent the day being very quiet and sensitive to our stomaches. Just one of those things?

Once again, like with Brian's teeth, we received several comments on the blog "Do Over". Rather than incite further rioting, we didn't publishing any of these comments, but thank all of you for your input and some of you for your sympathy & good wishes.

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