Friday, November 14, 2008

Heart of a Lion

There's a soul that's been setting off fireworks at 6:30 in the morning for the last week or so. Shelley wakes up and listens to them popping in the distance and then generally goes back to sleep. Brian, if he's had a rough night and is still asleep, wakes up and gets up. Otherwise, he listens in wonderment drinking his coffee.

"Whoever is doing that is waking up hundreds of people" Brian expresses in amazement. "Sure I can understand if you're having a wedding and blowing them off late into the night, but whoever is doing this is getting up early in the morning."

We goggle in wonderment and go about our business.

There's construction going on at the road across the river outside our front room window. They're digging the road up and it looks like they're putting in new water mains (perhaps sewer?) They worked on the road just down the street for several weeks and now they're on the road right across from our building. At lunch time the workers often have an impromptu soccer game and we've caught a couple of them fishing on their breaks.

For several days the school across the street is taking advantage of the blocked off road and there's a marching band with multiple drummers and a few horn players beating and blowing away entertaining the workers and us. The rest of the school children march around their yard and down the road waving flags while accompanying music blares from a loud speaker.

Did we mention Ecuador was vibrant?


When Brian was a child he was traumatized by a Dentist. The consequence was, he then spent 50 years not taking proper care of his teeth. The further consequence was, he eventually had to have all but a few of his teeth pulled. The upshot to that was, he ended up in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer. The pills they gave him to control the swelling when they pulled his teeth caused the ulcer. Shelley came home from work one day to find blood all over the head in the boat and no Brian. Shortly after arriving home his work phoned her and advised he'd fainted and been taken to the hospital. At the hospital they gave him 4 bags of blood and the dentist ended up doing a scholarly paper on him. Brian's teeth have cost us thousands and thousands of dollars.

Two days ago Brian called Shelley into the bathroom, pulled back his gum and asked, "Does it look red or swollen to you?"

"I hate your teeth!" Shelley complained.

We phoned around and found an English speaking dentist and Brian has an appointment with him at noon. Brian brought with him one happy pill prescribed by our dentist back in Canada. Brian's stomach tightens up and he flinches even when the dentist has only a mirror in his mouth. Our last dentist threatened to quit on him because he made him feel so bad. He compromised and started drugging Brian before visits. Brian needs to be drugged even to get his teeth cleaned and Shelley always goes with him to hold his hand. Afraid to take his happy pill because he thinks the dentist will initially prescribe antibiotics to get the swelling down, he brings it with him - just in case.

Walking to the dentist, as it's not too far away from where we live, Shelley pulled Brian by the hand the last couple of blocks. The dentist was on time and advised Brian he'd need a root canal to be done by another specialist. He prescribed antibiotics & pain killers. He told Brian the nerves in the tooth were dead and that he wouldn't need the anti-anxiety pills he'd been using in Canada. Brian explained that "yes(!)" he would need the happy pills and it didn't take much to make the dentist understand. We went off to the pharmacy armed with 3 prescriptions but were told the anti-anxiety pills were unavailable in Ecuador. Trooping back to the dentist, he said he'd talk to some friends of his and find out what an equivalent would be and that we could pick up the new prescription later.

We had been told that the dentist "was a very nice man" and finally walking home Brian blew out a big cleansing breath and heartily agreed. As Brian needs a very nice man for his dentist it all seemed rather fortuitous.

Now, all we have to do is get through the specialist's appointment and another appointment with the regular dentist to clean his teeth & fill the cavity from the root canal. Total cost including drugs will be approximately $200 (maybe less; we are unsure of the specialist's fee).

PS:- In many other ways Brian has the heart of a lion.

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