Tuesday, November 4, 2008

103 days, 18 hours, 17, minutes & 22 seconds

There's this gadget we have on our iGoogle page that counts up the days we've been back in Ecuador. We just noticed it's been 100 days, 22 hours, 43 minutes and 26 seconds - oh no 35 seconds - oh no 41 seconds...

Continuing with Cuenca Independence Day celebrations, fighter planes zoomed across the sky all morning. We kept stepping on to the balcony trying to get a glimpse and fruitlessly tried to take a picture. Brian looked up statistics on the web and Ecuador has 11 of one type of fighter plane and 12 of another. Shelley asked him if that was more than Canada and Brian was almost insulted.

Later on in the afternoon we set off on the # 14 bus to Parque El Paraiso to see the "Carrera de Burros" (Racing of Burros). We saw a couple of musical acts, rows and rows of booths with roast pig and barbecue cuy, impromptu drum bands and a dozen children chasing one purely terrified piglet, but we never did see Carrera de Burros. The Park is every bit as nice as Stanley Park minus the Ocean & the Aquarium. We went for a long walk and watched people in peddle/paddle boats in a small stream, twisted through a maze-like bridge system over a bit of a bog, watched the River for awhile, took a path through a bit of forest that reminded Shelley very much of the path system at the suspension bridge in North Vancouver and sat on a log just enjoying the sun while people watching. Brian had a roast pig lunch, mash/fried/potatoe pancake like thing and beans for $2 while we sat and listened to the ever present loud Latin music.

On the way home we noticed quite a big crowd in the Parque de Calderon so we got off the bus thinking it would be more Independence Day activities. What is was was 2 young men, one dressed in drag, doing impromptu street theatre. They must have been pretty good because the crowd kept laughing. We had a cappuccino and headed home.

Note: descriptive adjectives follow the noun in Spanish; the house modern. To form the...
...comparative of adjectives (more, -er) "mas...que" is used. Charles is more tall than Henry.
...superlative of adjectives (most, -est) "mas...de" is used. Vancouver is the city more big than Kamloops.
...comparative of equality (as...as) "tan...como" is used. John is as good looking as his brother.
...comparative of equality with nouns (as many...as) "tanto...como" is used. Charles has as many books as Maria.

Although it doesn't "feel" like it, we can see a definite improvement in our Spanish (especially Brian). He says we've progressed from grunts to communicating on a 3 year old level!

Awakening on the actual Cuenca Independence Day (November 3rd) to the sound of jets roaring through the sky, we were somewhat trepidatious as it was our usual grocery shopping day. We wondered if the store might be closed. It wasn't, but it sure was packed (which is unusual), so a lot of people must have had the day off work. We had planned to go to a musical event in the afternoon but it started raining just when we got back with the groceries and didn't stop until the evening. As the event was outdoors, we didn't go. It always rained buckets on "special" days in Vancouver too. Is it a rule?

We're on a bit of a quest to buy a small poinsettia plant and are having trouble finding one that's not 4 feet tall and a small bush. They sell them at SuperMaxi but they are over priced there. We checked in the flower market downtown and the nice ladies there suggested we try the public market near our place. We walked there in the light rain today but found no poinsettias. We try to avoid going to the public market near our place because they sell puppies & kitty cats & bunnies and all sorts of highly cute things that are hard to resist.

One hundred and three days, 18 hours, 16 minutes and 19 seconds.

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  1. The plant vendors area at the Feria Libre market is outside, behind the bus station, next to the entrance off of Carlos Arizaga Veg street. This area is a parking lot most days of the week, but on Wednesday, it becomes a plant market with about 20 different vendors.