Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Be Patient

With chores piling up that required us actually using our own computer, we bit the bullet and walked to the Millennium Mall (2 blocks east of Solano on Doce de Abril), where there's a cafe that supplies WiFi for only the cost of a cup of coffee. We transferred money and updated Planet Irony & Dangling on a Hook. Shelley chatted in FaceBook with her oldest daughter for awhile and played with a few other functions. We checked our lottery numbers and downloaded some updated programs for our Mac. All in all, it was very satisfying to be on our own computer for a change. Seeing our kitten icons on FireFox did our hearts good! (Well Shelley's heart; Brian's still complaining about the kitten icons.)

While we were there one of our Planet Irony friends walked past the cafe, (it's a small world, isn't it?) so Brian shouted him down and he came over and we talked about Cuenca & Ecuadorian food & ExPat night & the weather. He's an American and made sure to tell us his parents were from Winnipeg, Manitoba. "Brrrrrrrrrr", was Shelley's only intelligent comment.

"It's the gun vs marijuana thing."

Once more into the breach:
"Ser de" (to be of) is used to express origin in Spanish. He is of Spain. She is of Canada. "Ser de" can also be used to express ownership. The book is of Jan.
"Estar" (the other to be) is used to express location. Carlos is in New York.

We continue to be very confused!
It's very disheartening when you see a 3 year old babbling away contentedly.
Shelley is, however, learning the days of the week quite easily from ads on TV and Brian's pretty good with numbers because Shelley lets him carry the money!

In our ongoing internet quest we ended up not being able to get internet from Gupta TV Cable as the building we are in is not wired for it. (They asked to have the building wired when it was being built but TV Cable kept putting it off. Now, the conduit for wiring the building is full of other wires and they'll have to put in a new conduit. It could be months; it could be never.) EcuaNet only does internet for the outlying areas; not Cuenca proper. Porta & Alegro only have wireless systems that aren't powerful enough for things like Skype. Punto Net generally only does businesses, although they'll do residences within a small select area (we are not in that area). We finally ended up at Etapa Multiservicios Gapal (Av. 10 de Agosto y Paucarbamba) which provides internet over the telephone lines. They are coming to do an "inspection" in a couple of days and if all goes well we should have internet within a week.

We also set up a bank account with Banco Pichincha (savings account). They required a copy of our utility bill, a colour copy of our passports, another piece of ID with our pictures on it, the address of a local resident to vouch for us and a deposit of $200. The whole procedure from sitting down in their office to depositing our $200 took about an hour and a half.

Standing in a coolish rain outside Etapa Gapal after dealing with the bank and the internet people, after 2 taxi rides and 4 misdirections, after 3 hours of running around, after a month and a half of trying to get internet, Brian turned to Shelley and said, "Are you alright?" Concern showed on his face as Shelley was slumped and definitely not perky.

"They keep telling us that we have to be patient with Ecuador. I think I'm finally 'getting it' now."

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  1. Hi Brian, Hi Shelley,

    Sorry to hear you've come to the end of the line with Gupta. I suppose you can think of yourselves as pioneers, doing valuable internet service discovery for ex-pats to come. But I sense frustration beyond what you described to us over coffee. Hope the telephone deal works. Hang in there.

    Best regards,
    Mark & Nancy
    (back in Colorado after two sleepless nights in Quito)