Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh, No!

"I can't watch. It's too scary" Shelley told Brian as she slunk off to another room. We'd picked up our bathroom mirrors at the store and Brian was about to install them. Cringing in the front room Shelley listened to the sound of the drill digging into the cement. She was worried about the mirrors dropping and breaking, Brian was worried about cracking one of the tiles when we drove the hole. Both of them should have been worried about something else.

"Oh no! Oh no!" she heard Brian wail.

Shelley scurried into the bathroom to see a pencil size stream of water cascading from the wall. Brian tore out into the building hallway to shut off the water while Shelley played little dutch boy with her index finger.

We put in a call to our young friend. We needed him to phone the administrator of the building and explain what had gone on and arrange to get a repairman in to fix the piping as well as install the mirrors. They'll have to remove at least 2 of the bathroom tiles to get at the pipes. Our young friend was, of course, not available and did not answer his phone.

"Will we have to retile the whole bathroom?" Shelley anxiously asked Brian.

"Oh no" he assured her "these tiles are common."

Shelley cleaned up the bathroom, mopping water from the doors & the walls & the floor & the cupboard, anxiously waiting for the phone to ring, wanting desperately to start to take care of the problem N-O-W!

Inaction forced on them, having had no phone call back from their Spanish speaking friend by the time business hours were over, Brian filled up a bucket with hot water to flush one of the toilets and Shelley made supper. "At least we can wash the dishes" Shelley tried to find good in the bad. "Are you mad at me?" Brian asked.

"Oh no."

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