Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Consumer Problems & Weather

"You know" Shelley said "the problem with buying everything for your apartment all at once is that nothing is special. Normally, if you get say, a new bed, it's special for months."

Brian laughed.

We'd just checked our bank account and were somewhat aghast at the amount of money we'd spent in such a short time. Walking down the street we added it up. It added. Some nefarious thief hadn't taken it from us. We'd actually spent it all ourselves!

"Well" Shelley tried to reason "it's over now. We're done. We can live on our income now."
"We've still got to pay the lawyer" Brian reminded her.
"Yes, but I've got half of that money saved already."
"Oh you do! Good for you."

We still have to buy a vacuum cleaner & some mixing bowls & some light fixtures and believe it or not, some mirrors for the bathroom and, and, and....but the big stuff's done. We've contacted some Americans that told us about a wonderful Spanish teacher that'll come to our house. We've hoping they'll give us his contact information and we can start our Spanish lessons.

Brian was talking to his friend Jan on the phone the other day and Jan asked him when he was planning on retiring. We've been so busy since Brian retired in February we're beginning to wonder what is it we'll do to fill up our time now that our "Trip of a Lifetime" is done, and we've sold the boat, and we've refurnished our life.

"How about reading?" Shelley asked.
"Nothing to put in the blog then" Brian replied.
"Oh....that's a problem. We'll have to think about it."

OK - we made our absolutely last stock-up visit to SuperMaxi and Sukasa. We bought the last rug we'll need & a vacuum cleaner at Sukasa and $140 worth of groceries. Tomorrow is delivery day for a lot of stuff. We're getting our sofa bed & patio furniture & our rug & vacuum cleaner. Saturday we pick up the load of pictures (10) we dropped off previously at the framer and that afternoon we'll hang them all (cement and brick dust flying).

"What are we going to do now?" Shelley asked.
"I don't know about you" Brian quipped "but I'm going for a nap."

Things We Can't Find in Cuenca

- cast iron frying pan
- M & M chocolate flavoured lypsol
- Cheezies
- Nicorettes

"If I'm going to have to wear a cardigan 50% of the rest of my life, we're going to have to buy me some more. Two isn't enough!" Shelley demanded.

Apparently July & August are Cuenca's coldest months but even when we were here in February & March it was still a cardigan place. You can't wear a pull-over sweater (except in the evenings) because undoubtedly at some point during the day it'll get way too warm to be wearing it. On the other hand, if you go out in the morning, it's too cold not to have something. Shelley's normal costume is capri pants, a summer shirt (long or short sleeved) and a cardigan. The cardigan gets carried half the time. Even Brian got himself an Ecuadorian cardigan, llamas marching around the middle. (Note: Only tourists wear Panama Hats. We were advised of this by an Ecuadorian.)

"Do you think we should buy one of those electric heaters?" Brian asked.
"I've been OK. I've got my sweaters & my fleece jammie pants & my couch blanket. Let's wait and see." Shelley answered.
"Wait for what?" Brian wanted to know. "This is it. Winter's not coming. This is the worst it gets!"

Tuesday rolled around and as it was wet and cold outside, we decided to stay at home and wait for our deliveries from 3:00 p.m. on. Our rug & vacuum cleaner from Sukasa showed up on time and we were very pleased with both. Our sofa bed from Intense on Miguel y Sucre hadn't shown up by 5:30 so we phoned. From what we could understand, there were no apologies and it was not going to show up until next Tuesday. We phoned our young friend & he called them and apparently they told him that if we didn't like it, we could go get our money back and that no one wanted to deliver a sofa bed to a 3rd floor apartment anyway. We arranged to meet our friend at Intense tomorrow and we'll see what happens. Also our patio furniture from SuperStock didn't arrive at 4:00 p.m. (as written on our receipt) either. Our interpreter phoned SuperStock as well but they didn't answer the phone.

We've encountered the manana attitude in Ecuador before and we'll encounter it again but it does take some getting used to.

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