Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flying Out

Up at 2:30 a.m. we fell out of bed. The coffee pot was packed so a quick cup of tea was all that we had and then we headed up the dock with our 6 pieces of luggage. Just before we'd gone to bed a scant 3 hours before we'd dropped FloCat's food and litter box with the neighbour and showed her where it was. She never came home last night. Flo seems to have adjusted rather well.

"Fickle floosy" Brian commented.

Brian's ex-employer had arranged to have one of their patrol cars pick us up and take us to the airport.

"Only the best for Brian" his old boss commented.

We were grateful and rode to the airport in style.

At YVR it was hurry up and wait. It was so early that even the Starbucks at the airport wasn't open. We waited in a line to get through U.S. customs. We waited at U.S. customs whilst people took off their belts and shoes. We waited in a waiting room for the plane to load and we waited on the plane to take off. They fed us peanuts and the kind of coffee that tastes like weak tea. After all our weighing of luggage at home to make sure everything was under 50 pounds, the lady at the ticket counter simply picked the pieces up, hefted them a bit and judged them OK. They never were weighed at any point during our trip.

At Salt Lake City we left the plane, walked down 2 long corridors and virtually instantly boarded our next plane to Atlanta. On that plane they fed us apple juice and packaged cheese & crackers. At the Atlanta Airport we had to take an underground train to get to our next plane as it was almost a mile away. The Atlanta Airport was crowded with soldiers and people with heavy 'merican accents. Even with the rush we stole 5 minutes to grab what will probably be our last frappacino.

The longest leg of our journey (5 hours) was from Atlanta to Quito. They fed us a dry sandwich, that tea/coffee stuff again, a teeny bag of chips and a miniscule brownie. The brownie was pretty good! From our seats we could look through First Class all the way to the cockpit as the door was open. Shelley asked the stewardess if she could take a picture. The stewardess said it would be fine to take a picture of the flight crew right at the cockpit door. The Captain and his First Mate were extremely accommodating and very nice. They told Shelley, "Tell all your friends to take Delta Airlines!

Brian played a computer Trivial Pursuit game provided by the Airlines and got into quite a contest with Hans (another passenger on the plane). We actually met Hans in the line-up at customs in Quito and chatted about games, Holland (that's where he was from), Ecuador, Canada, travelling and such things. We think we got ripped off on the shuttle ride from the airport to our hotel. We can't be sure but think we paid them at the airport, although the driver insisted we hadn't. It wouldn't be Ecuador if we didn't get ripped off soon as we hit the country.

Tomorrow we fly from Quito to Cuenca. Our flight doesn't leave until 5:30 in the evening, so we can sleep in and wander Quito a bit and chow up on some real food to make up for today.

We're happy to be here. Overjoyed all our luggage made it through all those transfers and totally exhausted and somewhat stinky.

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