Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let's Keep in Touch

Both Brian and Shelley have retired a couple of times. Shelley worked at a place for 19 years once. After leaving there she didn't hear from any of her work buddies ever again. Brian worked in the radio industry for 35 years. After he retired from his last job in the industry, he also never heard from any of his work buddies ever again.

We've both got kind of a jaundiced view of the easily thrown out "Let's keep in touch", but perhaps practice makes perfect because this retirement for Brian is going a whole lot better.

When we were in Ecuador we sent out regular emails to a group of people and regularly got back comments from several of them. Brian has been having lunch with a couple of his work buddies on a regular basis, touching bases with the goings-on at work. While interested, Brian often remarks that he really does not miss the stress and congratulates himself on being retired.

The word is out at our Marina that we're leaving as soon as we sell the boat. We've been surprised a couple of time when a fisherman has knocked on the door with a small gift and words of encouragement. It's funny how the most unexpected things touch you.

Not wanting to burden people unnecessarily, we started this blog. Those curious about Shelley & Brian can check in from time to time and keep in touch without the minor obligation of emailing back on a regular basis. It's such a bore for some.

That's not to say we don't want to hear from you (!) especially when we go to Ecuador. It's always a good day when friends or family say "hey".

The kids have been going through an on-going adjustment to the thought of not having Mom or Dad within easy money borrowing distance. Two of them disowned us for a time; one's back. One them disowned us quite awhile ago and has recently deigned to resume tentative contact. One of them quit their job, moved back home, dumped their significant other, got a better job, found a nicer apartment and got a better companion, all in the name of getting themselves together while the ol' safety net was still around. (Way to go kid!) Between Brian & Shelley there's currently 5 kids, 3 kid-in-laws, 2 grandkids and a couple of step-grandkids just for good measure. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of who's mad at us and who's not.

On the other hand, all of the kids seem happy to perhaps have an exotic, cheap place to go visit and most are making plans to come to Ecuador as soon as we get ourselves there.

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