Friday, June 6, 2008

February in June

Here we are - it's June - 10 degrees, pouring rain and it feels like February. Brian's lighting the stove. FloCat is sitting beside the computer, intently staring at the screen, trying to figure out what's happening. It's been raining for 2 days and expected to rain for another 5. It is very hard to get motivated to move out of the boat and into the world.
Our projects for the outside of the boat have been put on hold. We need to Cetol the rub rail and the box for the running lights. (For those of you who don't know Cetol, it is somewhat like varnish but without the fuss. You can Cetol over old Cetol without a lot of sanding. We love Cetol!)

When we were in Ecuador we ran into an American woman who was interested in where we were from. "Canadians are so adventuresome", she gushed at us. We weren't quite sure if she'd formed that opinion because she'd met Canadians in "adventuresome" parts of the world, or if it was that we weren't afraid to leave our igloos? In describing Vancouver to her, one of us commented that it was on the Top 5 Best Cities in the World List. Presumably then her American pride stepped in. She pointedly asked about the rain.

"It rains there all the time there, doesn't it?"

We confirmed with grim looks on our face and she got a satisfied one on hers. Not a place she'd like to live. I guess not! We were all in Ecuador on the equator, standing in the hot during this conversation.

Tom Robbins in Another Roadside Attraction has one of the heroes embracing the rain, not hunched against it. Our hero strides around, head high, wearing minimal clothing somewhere on the West Coast of Washington State. It sounds wonderful! Why fight against nature?

Poor FloCat gets cabin fever and tears from one end of the boat to the other chasing imaginary mice. She cries to be let out and then comes back 10 minutes later, her long hair slicked with water eager to cozy up to the heater. We'll venture out at some point and have our daily walk but are grateful we now have a computer and a TV to entertain us in the downpours.

The active embracing of what nature hands to you sounds idyllic in a book. In real life, you simply get wetter. A better idea is probably to have clothes suitable for the climate you're in. We're not wearing shorts on our walks, we're wearing a coat and socks and shoes and a sweater under the coat and a hat and carrying an umbrella. That's the way to embrace the weather (!) clothed in a rain coat with an umbrella and a hat!

Hard to get FloCat to wear a hat though.

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