Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Shelley was in the wheelhouse tapping away on the computer. Brian came up from the salon and headed out the door.

"Where are you going?" Shelley asked.
"Need to water the boat."

Dowager has a water tank that we fill up approximately once a week. She holds 100 gallons of water. If we're at sea that 100 gallons can last up to 3 weeks, but we're not as careful when we're tied up to the dock with a hose 3 feet away from us.

Intent on the computer, Shelley still couldn't help noticing that Brian had got caught up with one of the neighbours.

"What were you guys talking about for such a long time?" she asked Brian when he finally returned to the boat.

"I'll tell you as we're walking" Brian replied. "Are you ready?"

Every day is filled with a chore to end up this life and start our new one. This day we were walking downtown to pick out luggage.

"Now I'm really curious" Shelley prompted Brian as they started out on their trek across the wasteland near Molsons, across the Burrard Bridge and up to Robson Street.

The word is out at the Marina we're leaving and as mentioned before the neighbours are coming by one at a time to say goodbye. Everyone asks if we'll miss the boat (of course). Everyone asks why Ecuador (it's cheap, it's warm, you don't have to cross an ocean to get there). Everyone wishes us a sincere good luck (thank you!).

Apparently our neighbour is thinking of selling his boat too. It's not on the market yet but it will be soon. This neighbour has lived on their boat for over 30 years.

"That hardly compares to our paltry 13 years" Brian said.

"Why?" Shelley asked, surprised about them leaving the water as she supposes our neighbours are surprised at us. (It catches you, the water does.)

Brian went on to explain that the neighbour believed there would be a giant tidal wave in 2012 and that their boat wouldn't survive it.

"Oh my goodness!"

"He said we'd be safe up in the Andes".

"I guess so!"

"The thing is" Shelley asked Brian "I don't doubt there'll be giant tidal waves. The world had a couple last year in fact, but how do they come up with the date 2012?"

"I don't know" Brian said and then he went on to tell her about the rest of the dock gossip.

We got to the luggage store and bought our piece of luggage (Shelley resisted buying yet another hand bag she doesn't need) and we caught the bus home. Both of us, out of some uncontrollable curiosity, looked up 2012 on the web. It's got to do with Isaac Newton and the Bible and Mayan astrology and Nostradamus and something to do with Shemhamphorasch and it just goes on and on. Both of us basically had a mental "huh".

Then...we went about our day.

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