Thursday, May 15, 2008

On the Hard

May 1st saw Dowager on the ways getting her bottom painted and zincs replaced. The Shipyard calls it a "shave and a haircut". What we thought would be a $1000 hit turned into a $4,500 as her garboard seam needed recaulking. There being absolutely nothing to do while up on the ways, Shelley & Brian spent the time going for long walks and playing with the computer.
In order to go to the bathroom one had to climb down a long ladder, across a small dock and into a spooky building. The men at the boat yard were concerned and spoke to Brian about the bathroom as it wasn't "that clean" (understatement) and was covered in pictures of naked

women. Brian assured them that Shelley has lived at a fish dock for the last 10 years and it wouldn't be anything she hadn't already encountered. Still, it was spooky at night trekking through an old building with boards and sawdust and machinery everywhere!

We got back to Fishermans' Wharf only to find that a fisherman had usurped our spot. After we finally got tied up and shut the engine down we discovered that we
were leaking at a rate of about 2 gallons an hour. We'd never leaked before! Brian called the shipyard and they told him that caulking the garboard seam had probably put stress on other seams and that's why we had developed this leak.

We arranged for our regular Shipwright to give us a hand and we put the boat up on the grid here at Fishermans' Wharf and he spent a full day caulking other spots that looked weak. Another $500! Once back in the water again, the leak had disappeared.

Dowager's fine now. No leaks! We don't like leaks! Leaks are expensive.

While up on the ways in Richmond, several people came to see Dowager but all were looky-loos, taking up our time as an outing for themselves. We send an extensive package out to people who might be interested in the boat; about 40 pictures, a list of details that you'd find on a survey, and a long narrative about her history and
layout. Anybody that comes should have a pretty good idea what she's about, but still we get the looky-loos.

Shelley told Brian it reminds her of dating; this selling of the boat. There's
that same dance that takes place. You know, one person wants commitment, the other one's not sure. We had one fellow who seemed really interested and was going to come by on a Monday to "make an offer". He phoned Monday and said he was tied up and would come on Tuesday. Tuesday he phoned at the previously arranged time and told us he'd decided to buy a different boat. Now you gotta understand, this fellow forced us to clean-up and prep the boat two days in a row for nothing. What the heck is that?

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