Monday, May 19, 2008

Laundry Day

It's spring. It's time to wash the winter quilt and put it away. You have to understand we LOVE our winter quilt. It keeps us toasty and warm and that's an important thing on a boat in the winter.

Shelley trudges up to the marina laundromat and sets up three washers; one with clothes, one with sheets and towels and one with the winter quilt.

"Did the quilt fit in the washing machine?" asked Brian.

"Barely", Shelley murmured.

Later, after Shelley went up and put the washing into the dryers Brian asked, "Did the quilt fit into the dryer?"

"Just barely", Shelley replied.

Later still, both Brian and Shelley plodded up through the misty spring rain to take their laundry out of the dryers and together they folded it. Brian likes the easy stuff like sheets, pillow cases and towels but Shelley appreciates his help and his company so doesn't complain.

"It sure is easier when you help me fold", Shelley praises Brian.

"Did the quilt get dry?" Brian asks.

"No. There are still damp spots."

"Will it dry?" Brian worries.

"No Brian" Shelley mocks "Come next fall when we put the quilt back on our bed, we'll have to put up with it being a bit damp".

Brian thought Shelley was harsh and got a bit peeved.

Shelley laughed.

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