Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In Limbo

Shelley's trying to upload the Ecuador pictures to our FaceBook site while Brian uses the sander and meshed metal to clean the Dickinson stove. "Boy this is a bigger job than I thought!" Brian moans up through the passageway while diesel dusts floats around the entire boat coating every surface with a black film.

We're ongoing with cleanup on the boat but generally in limbo. When the boat sells, we're gone in 3 weeks. It's exciting and scary and wonderful all at the same time. It could, however, take anywhere from 3 weeks to 10 years to sell the boat. Limbo can be uncomfortable but if you develope the right attitude, it's pretty much like regular-bo.

We had originally decided to try marketing the boat on our own for about a month before we involved a broker. Our disappointment with one prospective buyer prompted us to contact a broker and get on with the plan. Soon as we listed the boat with a broker, we had a kafuffel just about right away when we noted the broker's personal boat was also up on their website selling for approximately the same amount of money that we want for Dowager. After several emails and telephone calls, it was decided we all would monitor the "situation". It's so nice when things are resolved cleanly, isn't it?

Since we've listed with the broker we've had absolutely no response from them. We've had a couple of calls in response to ads we had put up ourself and showed the boat to one old fellow who lived on a boat previously for 20 years. "I sold the boat and moved to Quesnel, when I retired", he told us. "I've got to get back on the water." (Hope we don't have loss-of-boat regrets when we move!) This fellow played silly games with us too. Showing up an hour early and walking straight onto the deck of the boat. He was a bit embarrassed when we poked our heads out mumbling that he was just about to phone us.

When we planned our trip to Ecuador, we thought coming home April 1st was very clever because we would be coming home to Spring. We didn't come home to Spring! We came home to the end of Winter. Apparently there had been snow just the week before. In any case, with the weather finally getting better we launched the dingy and took our first trip of the year around False Creek. The biggest change is the building of the Olympic Village. All the cranes makes for an impressive sight. Gosh we hope we're gone before the Olympics!

Sitting in a little dingy in the middle of False Creek makes the city very impressive. It always reminds Shelley of the pyramids. There you are, a little spot in the middle of the water with all the high rises towering over you. You feel quite small and insignificant and at the same time proud of what "we" can accomplish. When we had the dog and took him with us, the people on the beach would always wave and point. These days they usually just gawk, unsure of the correct response to two retirees acting like children.

Life has become a series of routines for us; shower every other day, wash the floors on Tuesday, Monday is laundry day, Grocery shopping Thursday or Friday etc. Brian is having very little difficulty adjusting to not going to work every day. We still seem to be fairly busy all day though - just at a slower pace.

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