Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

We arrived back in town around 1:00 a.m. and despite exhaustion and jet lag, spent several hours cleaning up the boat and taking care of Poor Flo. The boat had two months accumulation of dust, fur balls, etc. etc. and we couldn't bear to sleep in it until we'd cleaned it up.

Poor Flo was only minutes away from suffering a serious feline breakdown. She had fur balls circling her neck and would purr at the slightest touch. She was so happy to see us she didn't leave our side for four days!

Shortly after getting home we decided it was high time we got access to the web so we bit the bullet and marched down to London Drugs and bought a state of the art Mac lap top. We have free wi-fi access here at the marina. Prior to buying the computer Shelley & Brian "discussed" the merits of Mac vs PC and took a survey of friends and relatives. The survey produced a split pretty much down the middle but those advocating for Mac were way more enthusiastic. Not to mention the commercials on TV are pretty good! Our decision was very strongly reinforced by the head of the computer department at London Drugs (plus Mac has an international warranty). The only downside for Brian was Mac can't handle the flight simulator that he wanted :(.
All in all we can't believe how much we've come to enjoy access to internet! Brian loves YouTube and Shelley got her website ( back up again - plus numerous other projects she thinks of during the middle of the night. The kids introduced us to Face Book so now we have easy access to the goings-on in their lives and we uploaded Skype but can't seem to find anyone who actually wants to reciprocate so we can talk to them on-line.

The month of April was taken up with boat chores; painting the wheelhouse floor, painting the head and shower, cleaning out clothes and items we absolutely didn't need, setting the boat up for sale on Craig's list, getting an ad for the boat into Boat Journal in time for the May edition, getting the fire extinguishers refilled, etc. etc. etc.

We got together with Brian's brother Gene and his companion Dianne for lunch at the White Spot. Gene remarked that at ages 76 and 67 respectively, they are looking more alike each year. Brian said "yes, it's neat that I can look at you and see how much hair I'll have 10 years from now". Gene gave him one of those looks.

Brian has accepted (with only minor reluctance) Shelley's insistence that we take a nice long walk every day. This is both to get off the boat and keep the lungs and legs in shape. Speaking of lungs it is now 3 months since we quit smoking and it's obvious that the biggest part of the battle is behind us but we're still getting twinges several times a day.

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