Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eight hours in the Airport

On our flight back from Ecuador we spent 8 hours in the Houston airport (sort of). It was oppressively hot and humid. Knowing we had all this time to kill we asked at the information desk if there was a mall nearby where we could be in air conditioning and get a bite to eat. Information advised us there were two malls, one that you had to take a cab to get to and the other that you could get to by bus. We were advised that the first was more "up scale... if you know what I mean". Thinking finances, we both nodded and smiled and said "up scale" wasn't important to us and took off on the bus to the mall.

Apparently "up scale" meant that it was in a white neighbourhood as the mall we went to was definitely in a black neighbourhood. Oh well. Being from small town Canada where we are babes in the woods on the "black" thing, we were slightly agog but had a hamburger and looked at bling and everyone was extremely courteous to the tourists (us).

There was no drug store in the mall so Brian then set off on his own looking for nicorettes while Shelley read a book under a tree, trying to hide from the heat. We'd managed to conserve our nicorettes throughout our trip to Ecuador but were down to one a day and things were getting pretty desperate. You can't buy nicorettes in Ecuador. What (?) don't Ecuadorians want to quit smoking? (Aside: Not that many Ecuadorians appear to be smokers. We were quite surprised.)

On our way back to the airport, we were a bit confused as to which bus we should take and Brian commented what a relief it was that we didn't have to struggle with Spanish to get directions. We asked
a lady if we were at the right bus stop and she said, "Lo siento, no hablo inglese". Turns out she only spoke Spanish.

We had a lovely time at the bus stop, picking caterpillars off each other. They were falling from the trees by the dozens.

On the bus back, we tried desperately to take a picture of a Texas flag so that we could "prove" we'd been in Houston. One of the fellows on the bus even took the camera from us and tried as well. This is the best we could do.

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