Sunday, February 3, 2008

We're Here!

The plane ride was tedious and the food was awful. They gave us Cheerios for breakfast and a green banana. For supper we had a chicken burrito and salad (it wasn't a good burrito).

We were exhausted when we got here and finally got to bed at 1 a.m. Yesterday we explored what they call New Town and today we're in Old Town. We really lucked out as it turned out to be Carnival. Everything is a bit third world, the pavement is cracked and many buildings need paint. On the plus side the buses are 25 cents, and they give change, and the people are very very friendly. One woman phoned her friend who spoke English and had her friend translate for us (this was in a store). On the buses they let vendors on for free for one stop and then they sing their song to sell whatever it is they want to sell - candy, tape recorders, fruit, etc. We are beset with 6 and 7 year old kids wanting to shine shoes or selling candy.

We got a cell phone, the number is - 5555555. I presume you have to add a country code etc before that to call. We only bought 200 minutes so don't call unless you have to.

We're at 9000 feet and despite the anti-elevation pills we're taking we both feel tired when walking around. It's hard work to just breath I guess - either that or we're just both in poor shape.

We will be leaving Quito on Tuesday to go to Riobamba which is only a couple of miles from the volcano that is currently errupting. That trip by bus should take about 4 hours.

P.S.:- The non-smoking is going pretty good.

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