Saturday, November 6, 2010

And So It Goes...

The Military Parade for Cuenca's Independence Day started at 9 o'clock Wednesday morning this year, so we were up early, rushed through the chores and were out the door by 8:40.  We walked down to Solano and followed the crowd until it thickened and then found a good spot on the sidewalk.  Almost as soon as we got settled, the parade started.  The Police had to work really hard to persuade people off the road so the parade could go to its terminus.  First there was display of flag carrying soldiers (men & women), followed by troop after troop of marching men (some in deep camouflage).  Bringing up the rear was a very impressive display of motorized vehicles and weapons.  During gaps in the parade, a young man in white face, would come out and amusingly mock people in the crowd.  He had everyone laughing quite uproariously.  When the parade was over, we spied some people we know and crossed the street and chatted with for a bit, before we walked home again.  The sun was shining, the crowds all had smiles on their faces and it was a good outing. 

It's 1:30 in the afternoon.  Brian & Fredi are napping.  There's a load of laundry in the dryer.  Shelley decides to try and make a new confection that involves crushed Oreo cookies, lots of melted chocolate and cream.  (No wonder we can't lose weight!)  She's up to her eyebrows in cookie crumbs and melted chocolate and the dryer buzzes indicating it's finished.  Immediately thereafter the phone beeps indicating there's a text message.  Shelley shrugs her shoulders at the commonness of mayhem, licks chocolate off her elbow and continues to plod through her day. 

A fruitless search was made during the day for some items on Thursday.  We came home exhausted just barely in time for Brian's nap.  That evening, to make up for the annoyance during the day, we had dinner at a friend's place with several other people.  The evening was pleasant, we all played nice and it was a good topper to the day.  Friday dawned bright and gorgeous and we ended up walking both ways to downtown & back.  El Centro was hectic with people going about the business that had been delayed  because of the festivities.  We took a fairly large picture into be framed ($22), stopped for a coffee and ran into some friends, picked up some coloured felt pens and got our bus cards charged up for another couple of months. 

Brian's on a new kick to perhaps get a Volkswagon bug.  They actually made them in South America until just a few years ago, so there's a fair amount around in pretty good shape.  Shelley's not totally against the idea but wants to wait until the new year.  Mind you, she's not saying which new year she's thinking of.  Shelley's had a thing against owning a car for years and years.  "They always let you down when you need them the most."  She talked Brian into giving up his car when they first got together and has managed to live without one most of her life.  We leased a car for a few years when Brian was required to have one because of work.  Sure, it was nice when picking up the groceries & the odd Sunday drive, but...  Isn't it nice that Brian & Shelley now have something else to "discuss" for awhile?  Brian was tentatively encouraged when he detected a faint glimmer of positive response when he originally suggested a Volkswagon beetle.  It probably sparked some distant nostalgic reaction in Shelley.  If it has to be a car, then a vintage Volkswagon would appear to have the greatest chance of success.  In our discussion, we even advanced to giving "it" a name: Hermman.  Has Brian unerringly zeroed in on the one vehicle on the planet that Shelley could even countenance?  After 16 years of living in very close quarters, we have become very intuitive with each other. 

Shelley wants to point out that Brian has had the cash to buy his helicopter for several months now.  He has chosen not to.  She'd also like to point out that one of our friends who purchased a motor cycle has put the beast down on the ground twice now.  His elbows and arms are shredded.  The trip to Europe vs Fredi's welfare is still in "debate" mode.  When we take a straw pole on the "discussions" Shelley & Brian have, almost invariably the consensus from friends & blog readers is on the side of Brian.  WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?  Brian tells Shelley she's cheap.  She doesn't disagree and it does nothing to change her mind.  Shelley tells Brian he doesn't think of all the variables.  He doesn't disagree either and the fact makes no difference to him.  The latest argument goes to Shelley's ennui; a car would provide a new variable in our lives.  And so it goes...

On our way out for our morning walk on Saturday it was spitting outside and there was much open-hand-up-to-the-sky gesturing & discussion between us before we decided it wasn't going to do anything more.  In the end we were right and the day turned warm and gorgeous.  We walked downtown and Shelley got a haircut (expensive at $5) and then we stopped for a couple of cappuccinos.  After the coffee, we walked home but first stopped into a video store and picked up 3 DVDs to watch with the pizza we're planning on getting delivered this evening.  Brian talked with his friend Jan on Skype and found out that Jan was planning on being in Cuenca for Christmas.  We were surprised but pleased and look forward to seeing him and his Peruvian lady friend. 

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  1. Well I know I should not get in the middle of this but here goes - I'm in Shelley's corner when it comes to not getting a car. Do you really want to pay insurance on something you probably are not going to use that much? And what about if you get into an accident? As gringos you will take the blame most likely. And from what I've heard from many many people, if there are injuries you are likely to end up in jail until the whole thing is sorted out. You two seem to do just fine on your feet and taking the bus. Do you really want to drive in Cuenca traffic or with the crazies that drive like maniacs thru the Cajas? I know I'm adding more to your current "discussion". Sorry about that.