Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rain At Last

The beginning of the week brought rain. We wore raincoats & hats when we took Fredi for her walk & did our chores and Fredi got damp & dirty. By one o'clock in the afternoon it was all over. We're so used to Vancouver's rain (40 days and 40 that we half expect the rain to go on all day, but it never does.

Hearing from our friends on the West Coast of British Columbia, they're having terrible rain & wind storms. A couple of years ago the wind storms were so bad in Vancouver that they decimated some of the old growth in Stanley Park (Vancouver's major park). We expect the trees that were going to go down, went down then. Driving through the park was like driving through a hurricane site; huge, old growth trees, uprooted & falling across other trees & the roads. It took months for Vancouver to get the park back to safe & the park paths reopened.

It's not nearly as hot in Cuenca as it has been for the last couple of months or so. Shelley's back in her long sleeved shirts & even wore jeans the other day. Lets hope the rain keeps up! Our power is out Monday from 4 until 7, Tuesday from 7 until 10 and on Wednesday we get a full day of power. We continue to play crib in the evening hours when our power is out. Brian continues to get better hands than Shelley.

"It's not skill" Shelley carefully explains to Brian. "It's luck."

Before we ventured out on our outing Tuesday, Shelley stepped onto the balcony to test the weather. It was hot hot. She went back into the apartment and closed the door and continued getting ready to leave the apartment. Walking into the bedroom she saw Brian getting his rain coat from the closet.

"You won't need that" she told him. "It's hot hot."

"I know it's hot out" he replied "but look at the clouds, it's going to rain."

"It's already rained!" Shelley told him.

Brian laughed. "What do you mean?" It had rained in the early morning but there were still black clouds in the sky. Brian put his rain coat back into the closet and sighed.

" what you want!" Shelley told Brian with exasperation in her voice. "Go out on the balcony and see what I mean".

Brian sighed again. He did not retrieve his rain coat and eventually we gathered Fredi and went out for our outing.

Half way to downtown it started to sprinkle & then rain & then pour.

"We'd better get under cover" Brian told Shelley. "It won't last long. We can wait it out."

By the time we found covering we were slightly damp and Fredi was quite bedraggled. It rained quite heavily for about 15 minutes.

"If you thought I was wrong you should have argued with me" Shelley told Brian. "It's your fault we're not wearing rain coats for not arguing with me".

Brian sighed yet again, rolled his eyes thinking Shelley couldn't see him do it and replied resignedly "I know."

We waited out the rainfall and continued on our outing. It didn't rain again. Carrying the raincoats would have been a nuisance. Shelley was secure in her righteousness. Brian was secure in his Brian-ness.

Brian went to his Tuesday Doctors appointment only to find out the specialist was in surgery. His appointment was re-scheduled for Wednesday evening. In the mean time, Brian's been on the web researching. He discussed what he'd discovered with our regular Doctor. The regular Doctor was concerned Brian was trying to skinny out of his appointment with the specialist. "It's due diligence" the regular Doctor explained to him. "All signs point to you being OK, but we still should check it out."

"I know" Brian replied "but what about this...?"

It rained again Tuesday afternoon & evening and the river is almost up to normal height. The stream around the island that was down to sand has water flowing through it and only the highest rocks in the river are showing. We have no power outage due on Wednesday and our Thursday outage is 8 - 10 a.m. If it keeps on raining the way it has the last couple of days, things'll be back to normal soon.

Our early morning Wednesday outing took us to Feria Libre where Shelley got herself yet another new shirt ($8) and a little boy (9 or so) sold us 10 tomatoes for $1. When we asked him "quanto es?" he very proudly answered us in English: "one" he said. We congratulated him. He beamed!

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