Monday, June 29, 2009

Appointments & Outings

Quarter to twelve ~ they were cutting it close ~ but Direct TV actually came when they said they'd come! We're very pleased! Turns out our decoder box was worn out. The young man actually made the machine do what it was doing when it was frapping out and then gave us a new box. We repeat: We're very pleased! We do however, have to reprogram the entire thing again. Fortunately, there are instructions in both English & Spanish.

What with everything that's happening and Brian's impending trip back to Canada, we're under a bit of stress. Shelley was irrationally angry that Brian let the remote control go back to the Direct TV people with our rechargeable batteries in it. Instead of apologizing for his mistake, Brian insisted on defending himself: "I didn't even think about it!" Shelley felt that was simply an obvious statement and not something to mitigate the situation.

We took Fredi out for a walk and got some exercise ourselves & talked about Brian's impending trip & Shelley's feeling and things began to seem a whole lot better. Upon arriving back home, Brian set out to figure out which channels we wanted in our "favourites" and then called Shelley in so they could program the TV together. The formatting with the new box is somewhat different, so we have to get used to that. In the end we managed to get everything the way we liked. Brian & Fredi went off for their nap (rather late) & Shelley lay on the couch breathing deeply and read her book.

Just for a change, the Gringo night was being held at the Akelarre Cafe on General Torres instead of at Zoe's. Zoe's will continue to host most of the Gringo nights, but from time to time the organizer of Gringo night will negotiate an evening somewhere else. Shelley had ham stuffed trout & Brian had lomo fino; both of which were absolutely wonderful! A complimentary glass of wine came with each full meal and the evening was so buoyant you could hardly hear the person next to you talking. We got to meet a couple of new people and met up with some old friends, so the evening was quite successful. Fredi, as usual, was a doll; only making her presence known in the most peripheral way, when they were serving an extraordinary amount of cheese products (several people had fried goat cheese as an appetizer).

One the things that you see in the ExPat community from time to time is an "ExPat Leaving" fire sale, so to speak. Furniture, appliances, accessories, computers & gadgets can all be purchased at a huge discount. We were lucky enough to get ourselves a scanner this way for $25. We don't have a fax machine and from time to time documents do have to be forwarded to Canada. This entailed us going downtown to one of the many stores that provide this service and paying the minimal amount they required. Not a huge inconvenience but now that we have a scanner we can eliminate the middle man. We're sure we'll find other uses for it as well. In any case, for $25 how could we lose? We did however, have to buy a cord to link the scanner to our computer. This was missing for some reason. We stopped in at our neighbour stationery store and picked up a cord, 2 workbooks for our Spanish lessons & a notebook for our grocery lists and ended up paying a total freight of $4.45. Shelley got into her usual computer frenzy when we hooked everything up and Brian did the prudent thing and made himself scarce. After a couple of false starts, everything worked out fine and we now have a working scanner!

Sunday was our usual routine; down to the main square to watch the group in the gazebo & then over to the people's market to pick up our fresh fruit for the week. We've got our Sunday market day down pat these days too. There are particular ladies that have to give Fredi a kiss & others that know we want our avocados a bit hard to be ripe for the next week. We stopped at Hudson as well and bought Shelley yet another new hat. She's reminded of her Father's comment when her Mother advised him they were going out shopping to guy her a new dress.

"What?! Doesn't she already have one?"

We're still dealing with a fair bit of anxiety regarding Brian's brother & his health, Brian's impending trip & Shelley staying behind to keep the home fire burning. There's nothing to be done; the tickets are purchased, the reservations made and now all we can do it wait until the time is here. Waiting is always hard and we're not sure that any of us were designed to do it well.

Fredi's been learning how to "lie down" the last couple of weeks. We've got her to the point where she'll do it on her own once every 10 times or so. We get very excited when this happens! Most of the time, she looks around and if dogs could whistle she'd be whistling. All we have to do is gently touch her on her shoulder and she'll flop over, but a hard wire connection isn't there yet. We know we're close, so it's just a matter of time.

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