Friday, May 22, 2009

Fredi Anxiety

It's first thing in the morning; Brian's taking his leisurely bath and Shelley's been on a computer for the last half hour. She signs off and shuts everything down and walks into the bathroom to use her lypsol. There, in complete innocence, is a small Shih Tzu puppy surrounded by reams of toilet paper.

"Brian!" she pounces "Why are you letting her do that!?"

The toilet paper is cleaned up, the puppy is told she's VERY BAD and their day continues. Out for a walk, computer time, nap time; Shelley walks into the bedroom to wake Fredi & Brian up. Fredi's already awake and surrounded by piles of well chewed toilet paper.

"Fredi! BAD DOG!"

Brian tries to temper Shelley as she scolds the puppy. "Ok, you've done enough. She won't do it again" he tells her.

"BAD DOG!" she continues, knowing she MUST make an impression.

Can dog's smile slyly? Fredi smiles.


The gasket on our blender broke again. It's a Black & Decker, which is normally a pretty good brand, but we think there's a design flaw in the way the bottom joins the jug part to the machine part. In any case, off we went to the place where we finally found a gasket before and they told us they didn't have any this time. They were good enough however, to give us the name & address of another place that may have them. Outside the store a man who had overheard our conversation in the store suggested yet another place. This fellow had spent 18 years in the States and made enough money to come back to Ecuador & buy a house. He said you had to "work very hard" in the States know. He was very proud to advise us that 2 of his 4 children were now doctors! He quite frankly, in that Ecuadorian way, inquired as to whether we had bought here or were renting, how much rent we were paying, how many children we had & how old they were. Another friend of his came along and we escaped, thanking him profusely. Since we were right next to the Feria Libre we dropped by the Wednesday madness. Wandering around, we saw a place selling blades for blenders and asked them if they had gaskets. They did! We bought 4 for 50 cents apiece and figure that should last us for awhile.

More Spanish: The present tense in Spanish is used the same as in English to express an action which is going on at the present time. However, you will note that, unlike in English, special helping verbs such as do, does, am, is, are, etc., are not used in Spanish. A special use of the present tense is with the time expression "hace". Hace, when used with the present tense, expresses an action that began in the past but continues into the present. ?Cuanto tiempo hace que Ud. esta en Ecuador? How long have you been in Ecuador?

As we've mentioned before, Brian's turned into his own worst nightmare: a big man with a small dog. To add to the humiliation we came to the decision that yes, in fact, Fredi did need a rain coat, and purchased one for her. It's lovely. It has a little padding to keep her warm and is rain proof for the wet season and even has a little hood. She looks lovely in it. Leaving the store, Brian was muttering quietly to himself but when Shelley pointed out to him he could have vetoed the whole thing, he just hung his head and shut up.

The evening before Fredi's operation, we went to view the new apartment of some new friends of ours in Cuenca. It's a lovely penthouse; 2 stories, 2 bedrooms, TV room, maids quarters converted to steam room, an office, a huge deck with sliding windows, numerous bathrooms and a partridge in a pear tree. We were stunned and very happy for our friends that they found such a lovely place. We then proceeded to Sankt Florian (we really like Sankt Florian) and had a wonderful meal, great conversation and good service (as we were the only ones there). We talked about mothers with children away in a war, country music stars past and future, the banking business & learning a new language. We chatted about future travel plans, knitting & past accomplishments. We told each other stories about how we all met and as usual Fredi growled a couple of times and barked once or twice but generally was the princess she is. It was a great evening and at the end Fredi was wished only the best for her trial ahead.

"I woke up at 1 o'clock in the morning Shelley" Brian told her "And I've been pretty much awake ever since. What the heck is that?!"

He was sitting on the couch in the computer room, holding Fredi in his arms like a baby and it was half an hour before we had to take her to the Vet for her operation. We both knew he'd woken up out of anxiety worried about poor Fredi. We had to go an entire day and an entire night without Fredi's company, knowing the whole while that she'd be going through a traumatic situation. Neither one of us was feeling completely comfortable about the whole thing. We know it's for the best, however, poor Fredi doesn't.

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