Sunday, May 24, 2009

All About Fredi

As we were Fredi-less, we determined that we should do something that was awkward to do when we had Fredi with us. We discussed going to the hot springs in nearby Banos but vetoed that. Brian then came up with the idea of going to the Mall del Rio and checking out Coral there for some of the grocery items we couldn't find at our local SuperMaxi. Off we went and hopped on the #7 bus to the Mall. Once we were settled, Shelley turned to Brian and said, "Fredi likes riding on the bus." Brian agreed and then we both were quiet for awhile.

At the Mall we stopped into a couple of men's stores to see if we could get some chinos for Brian but we didn't find anything "mas grande" enough. We then dropped into an electronics store and after much confusion discovered that they did not have any speaker wire. Armed finally with the correct Spanish wording for speaker wire, we headed off to the stereo department at Coral and was able to pick up our required minimum of 5 meters at 25 cents per meter. We tried to get wire splicers/joiners as well but couldn't cobble the hand gestures and Spanish together enough to make ourselves understood. At the grocery section we searched fruitlessly for red food dye & Miracle Whip (PS:- We're getting quite used to mayonnaise now and only search for Miracle Whip out of habit). We did however pick up a huge liquid hand soap for $4 and lomo fino (tenderloin) was less expensive there than at SuperMaxi. After all our searching, we discovered the grocery section at Coral also carried Woks. How often that happens; you search & search & search for something and after you finally discover it, you discover dozens. In any case, we picked up yet another Wok after Brian assured Shelley he'd make good use of both of them. Last but not least, we had a meal at Burger King; piggy to be sure, but it tasted good!

On the trip home, once again we were quiet, thinking of our poor Fredi and wondering what she was feeling.

Brian went off to pick up Fredi the next morning from the Vet and Shelley waited for their homecoming. After 1 3/4 hours, Shelley phoned the Vet and after much wrangling between Spanish & English found out they'd left. She cursed herself after she hung up the phone because she hadn't asked, "When?"

Twenty minutes later Brian and Fedi arrived home and Shelley gave Brian a blast and Fredi a hug. "Didn't you think I'd be sitting here worried about you two!?" she queried.

Apparently the Vet's office was not open at 8 a.m. as expected and Brian had to wait until 9 to pick up Fredi. Then they had to go through the medications & how to deal with them (with an only-Spanish-speaker assistant) and that took some time.

Fredi is very subdued, with a pink-for-girls prevent-chew collar around her neck and 3 medications (pain pill, antibiotic pill, antiseptic cream; we checked on internet) to be given at various times for 4 to 8 days. We'd been told that these days the surgery was laparoscopic and that the incision would only be about an inch long. Either our information was wrong or our Vet does it the "old fashioned way". Fredi's scar is 2 1/2 inches long! It's glued together however, instead of stitched. Shelley checked with her daughter, who had had her cat in for surgery, and was told that's what they did with the cat too.

That day and the next day we kept pretty quiet. Fredi was given a pain pill in the morning and for the first couple of hours after the pill, she was pretty dopy. She didn't want to walk around very much and wasn't eating or drinking unless Shelley hand fed her. She reminded us of a scruffy 12 year old girl, her hair messy and all bunched because of the collar, a sullen/sleepy look on her face, wanting nothing more than to be left alone to brood pre-teen/aching thoughts.

We're just relieved that Fredi's at home and despite being subdued seems generally OK. She's very pleased to be with us and has licked us both in appreciation multiple times. We imagine her asking never to have to go through that again. That evening when we were watching TV and after we'd gone to bed, Fredi had several night mares though; shaking and yipping in her sleep trying to reconcile her experience.

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  1. I'm so glad that Fredi's ordeal is behind her. I hope she is starting to feel like her sweet happy self.