Tuesday, April 28, 2009

School of Fishies

We were off to an evening out when there was a snafu and Shelley decided she wasn't up to it yet. She begged off (the flu) and Brian went off to fulfill obligations and have fun. Shelley spent an evening doing only things Shelley can do (alone) and Brian had a wonderful time meeting new people and wondering if he'd done the right thing in leaving her. In the end, all was well. We're thankful it's not swine flu (no coughing). The next day Shelley continued to have some trouble being upright. You ever get achy & flu-y so that when you're walking you feel the need to hunch? The day after, she was on the mend again.

Sunday, April 26th was election day in Ecuador. There's a polling station in the school, across the river & across the street from us. We can watch the to-ing and fro-ing and there seemed to be a lot of it. They always hold elections on a Sunday in Ecuador to get the best turn out possible & there's no liquor sold for 72 hours before the election. In typical Ecuadorian fashion, there were booths set up on the side walk outside the school, selling fresh fruit & roast pig. We could smell roasting pig on the wind wafting across the river. We're pretty confident Correa will get back in as President (he did). He's a "man of the people" and has really done some good work for the country on their roads & infrastructure. We've talked to a few people recently that don't like Correa and it always surprises us as he's one of the reasons we felt confident despite the North American common wisdom regarding Latin politics. See: http://hurl.ws/2cpq

During a short wander, testing the waters for Shelley's stamina after her bout with the flu, we ran into a fish plate! Those following the blog are aware we've got a fish wall in our apartment and that when we run into something acceptable for it, it fills our little hearts up with glee. (We're retired. We make our own entertainment thank you.) It didn't even cost that much, although when we took it to a hardware store to buy some wire for hanging, the fellow there implied we'd spent too much on it. We explained to him that we had a pescado wall but he just wasn't that impressed. (There's no pleasing some people.) In any case, we brought it home and Brian got out his trusty drill so we could hang it on our cement wall.

"It looks great!" Brian commented when he was finished. "How grumpy was I about the fish wall at the beginning?"

Tough way to do it, but one of the benefits of having the flu is that Shelley lost 6 pounds. The miserable weather we've been having for the last couple of weeks seems to have departed and our pleasant walk downtown and back was managed without Shelley getting whiny, so she must be on the mend.

Off we went, armed with our raincoats (the weather turned again), to do a couple of chores. It was misty-raining, not biblical rain, nevertheless Fredi got that wet-dog-rat look. During the course of our wanders we passed a class room gaggle of girls. Thirty 12 year olds, all pointing at poor Fredi, all laughing & giggling & talking in that high voice only school girls can truly pull off. Picking Fredi up to venture into a papeleria, she did her pathetic, poor-me, shiver-shiver routine prompting 3 saleslady's to come over and coo at her.

Nancy & Chuck http://www.watsontravels.blogspot.com/ were back (temporarily) from all their travels and we met them at Sankt Florian for dinner. We got there at 5:00 and had to sip a beer for an hour before the cook came on at 6:00 p.m. Chuck & Nancy had been kind enough to bring us a further supply of dried mustard (we now have enough for about 5 years) and also a fish fossil plaque that they'd had in their home in the States. Shelley was overwhelmed by the fish plaque and could not express her appreciation adequately. There was nothing to it but that Brian had to mount the plaque as soon as we got home. It looks great on our fish wall! We're developing quite the school now. We met Nancy & Chuck's son Matt who's really been enjoying his vacation in Ecuador and is planning on coming back during his next vacations as well. We talked about swine flu, Nancy's travels, Fredi's lovely temperament, serendipitous bus rides and Matt's impressions of Ecuador. Shelley had trout, Matt had an oriental noodle dish & everyone else had filet mignon. We all greatly enjoyed our meal.

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