Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're Off!

We're leaving in the wee hours tomorrow morning and none of it seems real at this point. After a couple of years of wistful wishing and then earnest planning and then stressful implementing, our dreams are about to come true (once again). It's no wonder it doesn't seem real, we are in a dream state.

We'll be staying at the Hostel Macondo for the first month. When we were down there in February and March we stayed at the Macondo several times and liked the ambiance and the staff. You can take a quick look at their website at: http://www.macondo.cedei.org/ It's charming and inexpensive and they feed us breakfast every day, all for $395 a month, including private bath.

We'd sent several e-mails to them trying to make a reservation and finally bit the bullet and phoned. It seems to be a Spanish thing; there's no urgency. MaƱana means tomorrow and it's an oft heard expression in Ecuador that they seem to take quite seriously.

We seemed to have eaten our way out of Canada. We had dinner down the dock with some friends and stuffed ourselves on pork ribs, wine and margaritas, then an evening of champagne and sushi with the new owners, lunch a couple of times with friends of Brian from work, lunch with Brian's kids and lunch with Shelley's kids and dinner with Shelley's kids again. A serious diet of fruit and no bread will have to be implemented as soon as we settle into Macondo.

We're packed, the money from the boat is in the bank, we've turned off the phone and the TV and have succeeded in diverting all of our mail to the internet. We have documents galore impressively stamped and sealed. We've given all of the wisdom that came to mind to the new owners of the boat and hugged the kids extra hard. Our flight goes to Salt Lake City then Atlanta, Georgia and then to Quito Ecuador. We stay overnight at Quito and then fly on Tame Airline to Cuenca late the next afternoon. We'll call a van taxi this evening to pick us up at 2:30 in the morning in Vancouver and all we have to do after that is try and sleep for a couple of hours tonight.

Like that'll happen!

On the phone to Aiden, Brian's first grandson, they talked about South America. Aiden's 6. "Do you know where that is?" Brian asked.

"You don't know what a map is!" Brian exclaimed. "How about Goggle Earth?"

"They have monkeys and iguanas and when you come to visit us, we'll show you everything" Brian told him.

Sabrina's already talking about buying property down there for her own retirement. Sammy & Bennan have promised to visit as soon as they can. Jaci has assured us she'll make it down. Numerous people down the dock have asked for our e-mail address and promised they'd look us up when they were in the neighbourhood. Jan's coming for Christmas. We're looking forward to seeing them all!

It's all very poignant and yet it's not. Shelley looked on the internet under Shakespeare to find a good quote that said it all but wasn't successful. We'll have to find our own quotes and put them in this blog as we go along. Wish us luck and love to all.

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