Saturday, July 12, 2008

Roller Coaster Ride

First there's anticipation. Then there's: "It's never going to happen". After that, when you do know it's going to happen there's "Yippee! The time is coming soon". Some time between "it" actually happening and the "you knowing it's going to happen" there's stress and panic - "What the heck were we thinking?!"

We've sold the only security either one of us has managed to attain and we're planning on moving to a country where THEY DON'T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH!

We went to the Doctor the other day and left with prescriptions for $500 worth of drugs. Brian gets cluster headaches from time to time and we got drugs for the altitude and drugs for diarrhea and it just went on and on. Just before we left the office the Doctor said, "Well this is it then!", and gave Brian a friendly bat on the head with his file. Standing at the elevator Brian commented that it was anticlimactic.

"I've been seeing the Doctor for 10 years now and you've been seeing him for what, 30 years?!", he said.

"What'd you expect? A big hug from the Doctor. It wouldn't be appropriate."

"Ya I guess".

Shelley's been having nightmmares and Brian's been sighing a lot. We have to be off the boat by July 21st and our criminal record checks just came in the mail on July 10th. Jaci has graciously offered us her apartment (rent free) and she'll stay with her boyfriend. So, we've got somewhere to go, but staying in a tiny studio apartment with the bathroom down the hall pales when compared to flying off to an exotic destination. We're grateful but not enthusiastic.

The day the criminal record checks arrived was slapstick chaos. We lost our heads and went flying off into a thousand different directions trying to put together what needs to be done. As luck would have it, internet at the Marina was poopy that day and we wandered around trying to get a decent signal so we could send the documents off to the lawyer in Cuenca. There we were, standing at the head of D dock in the summer sun, praying to the Google gods that here the signal would be good enough to push the e-mail through.

It was.

The next day (Friday) we spent hovering around the computer waiting for a reply from the lawyer. We had phoned her in the morning to see if she had received our e-mail. She said she hadn't checked her e-mail yet but would get to it for sure that afternoon and would reply by e-mail. Her reply finally came at 5:30 in the evening assuring us the documents were in order to take to the translator.

A call to the translator went to voice mail but we e-mailed off the documents any ways hoping they'd look at their in-box before Monday. The translator's wife had told us that if they got the documents by Friday evening, they would probably be translated over the weekend. The problem is, her husband the translator, is taking a course which is taking up his weekdays.

"It's the complete lack of control" Brian said. "That's what gives you the stress."

Shelley gave him stone face. Brian calls it her Buster Keaton look.

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