Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Quiet Before the Storm

Our chores and checklists have diminished to just a few items. We're awaiting the arrival in the mail of our criminal records and then we have to take them to the translator, the lawyer and the Ecuador Consulate. After that, we buy our plane ticket and fly off to Never Never Land.

The boat's water line is up over an inch what with all the stuff we've taken off her. We finally made a telephone call to the Airlines and checked on the luggage requirements. After 2 visits each to the website we still couldn't determine exactly what they were saying. The very nice young man on the phone advised there was an "embargo" on luggage. We're allowed one piece under 50 pounds. For $25 more we can take an additional piece of luggage under 50 pounds. We can also take one piece of carry on, under 40 pounds.

So, we have to reduce our stuff to under 140 pounds each. Sammy's bringing a scale so we can weigh our luggage and make the hard decisions. Brian has some boat books he cannot part with. Shelley wants her stapler, her paintings of Bossy & Selfish and the music CDs. The horn Brian's friend Jan gave to him has gone to Sammy to be shipped down at some later date. If we're overweight, we'll also have her ship the books later.

After 2 days of mild grinding panic, we have adjusted to the thought of Dowager going into the hands of someone else. We find ourselves after months and weeks of planning and implementing plans with very little to do except wait.

Waiting stinks.

We've flown off to Never Never Land before of course. We both quit our jobs, moved onto the boat and sailed off into the sunset to find our destiny. Our destiny was to get so poor we actually ran out of fuel on the boat. When money finally did come trickling in again, we had to pull the boat by hand up to the shore to get fuel.

You'd think we would have learned our lessons by now and hopefully we have. This time we have income (that's nice). This time we have a small nest egg (that's nice too!).

Between the 2 of us, we've probably given away all our possessions 4 to 8 times. Brian often expresses an envy of people who led stable lives; where possessions were accumulated to retirement and beyond. Shelley shrugs. She likes getting rid of stuff! It's unlikely either one of us would have been willing to part with so much stuff over the years if it wasn't somewhat easy. It's encouraging to know that we're not caught up in materialism after all. If the crunch comes and a book or the stapler can't come to Ecuador with us I think we'll survive.

There's a small possibility that something could go wrong with the immigration. If that happens, we'll be wanderers. Forever doomed to spend 3 months here, 6 months there. We've discussed that small possibility and have determined that wouldn't be so bad either. It'd stop us from accumulating that's for sure.

One potatoe, two potatoe, we wait, ticking off the last of our lists.

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