Sunday, July 13, 2008

Murphy's Law

We met Sammy and Brennan on Saturday for lunch. We needed a scale to weigh the luggage and make sure nothing was over 50 pounds. They were going to lend us one. We had a lovely lunch with the kids and then saw them off. They were going to Bard on the Beach.

Armed with our scale we trooped back to the boat. Both of us working in the fo'c'sle, bumping into each other, pulling heavy luggage from the bunks and weighing them on a small scale was hot, sweaty and ultimately frustrating work. After 2 weigh-ins and 2 rearrangements of contents, the scale began to flash at us "batt batt".

We phoned Sammy still waiting in the line-up for Bard on the Beach.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" she said. "That means it needs a new battery."

A trip through www world and 3 phone calls later we determined London Drugs on Broadway had a stock of the special battery we required.

"Can we take the bus?" Brian asked. "We've already had our long walk for the day."

We trooped up to the bus stop, just missing the bus and sat down in the July sun beside an odorous bag lady. Shelley wondered if she'd paid for her Starbucks coffee or if it was a freebie.

London Drugs did in fact have the battery we required as well as a special adapter we needed for our telephone. They did not, however, stock batteries for cell phones! We left to catch the bus home. It wasn't until we were on the bus again that Shelley remembered we hadn't bought Nicorettes.

Shortly after arriving home the Translator gave us a call and advised he couldn't get his computer to read the documents we'd e-mailed him the day before. They were in .tiff format and he needed them in .pdf format or faxed. We phoned the Marina office to see if we could use their fax machine but were advised that it had a special code and no one was around who had authorization. After much searching through help programs, Shelley figured out how to send the documents .pdf.

"We're not going to finish packing the luggage today, are we?" asked Brian of Shelley with hope in his voice.

Shelley refused to answer, secretly irked as she'd just weighed herself for the first time since quitting smoking. Instead she sat down at the computer to play "Flood It" for awhile. Brian took that as a No.

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