Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sea Trials

Part I

It's 8:56 AM. The anchor winch is fixed (that only took 3 separate days of head scratching), the floors are washed, the hull is clean, the rugs are shaken out. Despite the lackadaisical attitude of the boat broker, the sea trials are to go ahead today at around noon.

On Wednesday last, knowing there was a tight time line, we grew anxious when we hadn't heard from the people proposing to buy the boat. Brian phoned the broker. The broker's response was:

"I haven't heard from them either!?"

Brian was not impressed.

They called that evening wondering as well. "We haven't heard from him either" they told us. "What's going on?"

We spent the last week checking things off our ToDo list including setting up a Power of Attorney with one of the kids.

"This is stressing me out!"

"What if they decide not to buy the boat after the sea trials?" Shelley asked Brian.

"You know, at this point" Brian answered "It'd almost be a relief."

Part II

It's 11:13 AM. Brian has washed and hung out our flag. He's polished the brass and cleaned the hurricane lantern. The windows in the wheelhouse have
been Windexed and all the clothes normally on hooks have been hung up. The chart table has been wiped and the salon dusted.

The Bank phoned. Apparently the Power of Attorney we'd set up "according to the legal department" isn't right.

"So what's going to happen now?" Brian asks Shelley after she gets off the phone.

"He's going to look into it and call us back later. Brian!" she explains "The guy at the bank was what (?) 12! I appreciate he's trying to do a good job, but he doesn't know. It's a good thing we decided to do this now, and not just a couple of days before we were leaving."

"Are you going to get dressed?" Brian asks Shelley "They'll be here soon."

Shelley resists saying something cheeky and goes to get dressed.

Part III

It's 4:05 PM. We've both just had a cup of coffee and we've both just moaned, a combination: isn't-this-a-great-cup-of-coffee moan and a gawd-I've-had-a-stressful-day moan.

The boat broker arrived at noon and we made nice for half an hour with him until the couple came. Brian gave the Mrs. a tour through Dowager and Shelley made jokes with the Mr. and the broker.

After the tour, instructions were given on how to start the boat, how to set up the boat for an excursion, how to make up the bunk in the salon, how to back the boat out, how to set up the Loran, how to put down the jump seat in the wheelhouse, how to open the windows and on and on.

We all had a lovely trip out into the harbour and through False Creek, the Mr. proudly steering Dowager marveling at her weight, her smoothness, her general charm. Back at the dock we tied her up and the 5 of us trooped to the salon to talk turkey.

Papers were signed!

"Does this mean I can start throwing out my winter clothes?" Shelley asked.

Everyone smiled and assured her the answer was a resounding "yes!"

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