Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh...By the Way

Shelley gulped down her coffee. Brian gave her "the look". He likes to keep her manners in order. We'd just gotten back from having lunch with a buddy and grocery shopping.

"I do that sometimes" Shelley acknowledged.

"Ya, cause you want to get on the computer" Brian quipped.

"No...I don't have to use the you want to?"

"Well how can I lie down and have a nap if you don't go on the computer?" Brian asked.

Shelley smiled and proceeded up to the wheelhouse while Brian settled in for his nap.

"Brian!" Shelley shouted down and then waited for his acknowledgment.

"What!" He somewhat testily answered. The "now" implied in his tone of voice.

"I'm not trying to bug you or's just that I thought you'd like to be's my birthday tomorrow."

Brian jumped off the settee. "Oh thank you! Thank you!"

"I kindof thought you'd forgotten. I almost forgot's just that I looked on the calendar and there it was. I keep thinking my birthday's not 'til Saturday 'cause Sammy's taking me to the movies."

"I've got to go out!" Brian exclaimed. "Do you want to go for a walk? I've got this chore to do."

Shelley got dressed again in her street clothes and we went for a walk to Granville Island. She looked at hats while Brian did his mysterious chore.

He never did get his nap.

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