Thursday, June 12, 2008

Check Lists

We've made up a check list of all the stuff we have to do between selling the boat and moving to Ecuador. We'd started out using a check list gadget in iGoogle, then ran out of room. (It only have space for 7 ToDos.) It's now on a check list gadget in iCalendar on our Mac and it seems to be growing. We have to have a criminal check done, or rather Shelley does. Brian, because he's over 65 doesn't have to have one. Presumably if you're over 65 you don't have the energy to be a criminal any more?

"Ya", Brian commented "I could be Tony Soprano and they wouldn't care."

We have to get proof of our income and then have the documents translated into Spanish and then notarized by a lawyer and then stamped by the Ecuadorian Consulate in Richmond. Beyond that there's the "little" things, like stopping the phone and the mail and the TV etc. Shelley wants to buy 6 chocolate lypsols before we leave (they don't sell them in Ecuador) and Brian needed a new pair of shoes (that's been checked off the list; we got them on a half price sale).

We're still doing maintenance on the Dowager (that check list never gets finished). Brian replaced a light fixture and we ventured down to Powell Street the other day (interesting neighbourhood) and got a new solenoid for the anchor winch. Brian put the new solenoid in between rainy periods and things went as per usual for a boat job (it took 3 times as long as he thought the job would have).

We're off to Vancouver Island to visit Brian's brother and his lady. The brothers don't visit often enough, but with our tentative impending move it was time to get at least one more in. (Mind you, if the boat doesn't sell, we may have years to get that last visit in.)

The off loading of stuff from Dowager continues. Today another large garbage bag hit the compactor. Deciding what to keep and what to throw away (not knowing when we'll sell the boat) continues to be a challenge. Keep winter clothes in case we're here for the winter but get rid of that BackPack that Jaci used to use; Brian hasn't worn that sweatshirt for 2 years now; Shelley's never going to get those jeans over her hips again. We took a load of books we haven't gotten around to reading up to the Marina bookshelf and then promptly picked out a dozen different ones (we have a tendency to panic if we don't have a backlog of things to read).

We've got long term lists and routine lists and event lists and Shelley's Sigred even has Lists*. There's lunch with the kids on Saturday coming up and a movie with Sam next week. There's our trip to Vancouver Island and shopping and laundry and boat chores. There's always a birthday coming up and we're now making regular appointments to show the boat (even when they don't come, you still have to prep like they were going to)...and it just goes on and on.

What makes us different than anybody else? Not much. Shelley's lists are in computers and on paper and she bounds off the couch while watching TV when she thinks of something to put on the list. Brian's lists are in his head. It's a mild annoyance between the two of us. (Gotta have a few.)

They say it's when the lists dwindle and diminish to nothing; that's when you've got to worry. Keep the body and mind active. In any case, with Brian's retirement we're not having trouble filling up our lists.

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